My Bucket List

Ever heard of a bucket list? I hope so.  Otherwise you will be confused. But let me fill you in briefly incase you haven't heard of a bucket list.

In 2007 I watched a movie called "The Bucket List." This film is about two terminally ill men whlist of things to do before they "kick the bucket." This becomes their bucket list. 

Like these two men, and hundreds of other people, I too have a bucket list. Although I'm not terminally ill - and hope that never happens - this is my list of things I want to experience.

I've determined a bucket list can be as long as you. You can update/edit/delete/ the list according to how you wish. Or at least that's what I'm going to do.  Ultimately, the goal is to
cross things off of the bucket list.  And why is this important? Because I want to live life to the fullest.  

The Completed List:

Go skinny-dipping.  (Completed in 2010)
Ride a camel - preferably in the desert... or somewhere awesome like that. (Outback of Australia 2011!)
Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere.  (Many many times)
Live in the Land Down Under.  
Eat a crêpe in Paris.  (Complete 2006)
Bet on the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby.  (Complete in 2010)
Stand on the Eiffel Tower.  (Completed in 2005 & 2007)
Watch a play on Broadway. (Completed in 2004)
See Times Square in all of it's wattage glory.  (Complete 2004)
Zip line in a Rainforest.  (Completed 2011 @ Meebunn-bia Australia)
Go hiking in the rain forest. (Eltham, Australia rainforest remnant.  March 22, 2011)
Ride a bucking bronco. (And I won! Completed sometime before 2008)
See the Sydney Opera House in Australia. (Completed May 2011)
Watch Big Ben strike noon in London. (Completed 2007)
Walk in Notre Dame.   (Completed 2005 and 2007)
Get lost in the Louvre in France.  (Completed 2005 and 2007)
Get un-lost in the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa.  (Completed 2005 and 2007)
Ride in a helicopter.  (Completed June 2011)
Learn to surf. Or at least attempt surfing.  (Successful surfing trip. Byron Bay/Lennox Head. March 26. 2011)
Lose myself in nature.  (Always)
Learn how to scuba dive.  (Completed 2009)
See a kangaroo. In the outback.  (April  2011)
Make the front page of a newspaper.  (Red ribbon @ Eastern Oregon Stockshow 2003)
Dance without caring. (Long story short. It was late. I was in NYC. In the subway. Doing the Saturday Night Fever disco. 2001)
See Uluru. (April 2011)
Graduate from college.  (Utah State University 2012)
Ride an elephant. (February 2013 - Thailand)
See Angkor Wat in Cambodia (February 2013)
Be on Film (The Horse Show with Rick Lamb. Episode about Cornucopia Lodge. December 2013)
Visit New Zealand where both "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" was filmed. (Feb. 2017 with Suzie!)
Paddle board. (Arrowbee Lake at Suzie's House. Summer of 2016)

The Bucket List of Things Left to Do:
Go to Alaska
Salsa Dance in Latin America.
Fly somewhere without planning on it.
Ride in a hot air ballon.
Find a 4-leaf clover. 
Visit Manchu Pichu in Peru.
Ski in Switzerland. 
Fall in love.
Be published (Not sure writing a blog counts).
Own my dream ranch.
Bungee Jump. (Ok... This is debatable if I actually want to do this - but it sounds incredible!) 
See the Northern Lights.
Apply to be on the Amazing Race.
Walk the circle of Stonehenge.
See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.
See Mount Everest.
Visit Africa. A safari should be on the agenda.
Visit all 50 states in America.
Walk the Great Wall of China. At least for a while.
Visit Greece.
Run a 5k race. (I'm not a runner, so this would be impressive for me.)
Set foot on all continents. (4 out of 7)

The "Horse" Bucket List... My other bucket list which entirely revolves around riding horses in amazing destinations or doing something with equines.

Go to the NFR (Went with Jane Dec. 2015... 4th row seats!)
Play Polo
Ride Horses in Iceland
Ride Horses in Scotland/Ireland
Attend the Sacramento Western States Horse Expo (2014)
Ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Purchase an Amazing Mule/Draft Team (2014)
Carry a Flag for a Parade/Rodeo
Ride on the Beach in Australia   (2011)
Visit the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
Take a Riding Safari in Africa
Compete in an Endurance Race
Visit the Spanish Riding School in Vienna
Horse Photo Shoot (Basically I want wear a fancy dress on my horse and have the photos to prove it.)
Ride a Friesian
Ride a Gypsy Vanner
Participate in a Fox Hunt 
Ride a Reining Horse in Competition; Complete with Spins, Rollbacks, and Sliding Stops
Ride a Trained Professional Cutting Horse
Ride across an entire US State
Ride Through a Drive-Through (Cove Drive In January 2014)
Ride out for a Racehorse Trainer
Ride Side-Saddle
Try a Cross-Country Ride
Spend a Day at the Calgary Stampede
See the Mustangs in Oregon (Road trip with Suzie Sept. 2016)

Then there are all of the various trails/places I want to ride…
American Discovery Trail
Pacific Crest Trail 
Death Valley National Park
Sawtooth Wilderness Area
Southern Utah (Zion/Bryce/Capitol Reef)
Saguaro National Park/Saguaro Wilderness Area
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Tetons
Steens Mountain Wilderness

And Always:
Be true to myself.
Make each day an adventure. 
Keep calm and ride on.
Eat well and travel often.
And enjoy the little things.

That's all I have to add at the moment. But fear not. I am always thinking of things to add to my bucket list.