Sunday, February 12, 2017


Suzie and I arrived in Queenstown and were warmly welcomed at our hotel, the Alexis (another place I HIGHLY recommend staying if you end up in Queenstown). We spent that afternoon and evening wandering through the town shopping for New Zealand souvenirs all while taking in the sights.

We ate dinner at a little bar called Surreal (where there was an extremely cute waiter!) then watched a  comedic street performer. The performer did several acts, including Houdini's great escape. He was extremely funny and I enjoyed his humor! After the street performer finished we walked back to our hotel eating a delicious fresh baked cookie.

Day two for Queenstown was just as beautiful as the first day. We ended up walking to Starbucks then wandering through the local botanic gardens. The rain from the previous night sat perfectly on the flowers which made for a wonderful photo opportunity. After walking next to Lake Wakatipu Suzie and I decided that we should go for a little adventure... Zip Lining!

After returning our rental car, Suzie and I took the Skyline Gondola to the top of the mountain and then braved the rain to do a six line zip tour.  I thought that the zip lining was awesome, even if was raining and very chilly. It's not something you can do every day and, although I wish it would have been sunny,  I still think it was a fun and exciting thing to do in Queenstown.

Once we finished at the bottom of the mountain Suzie and I were freezing so we headed to a local pizza shop to grab a bite to eat. Then it was back to the hotel room to pack for our horse trek the following morning!

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