Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Horse Trek Day 2

The second day on our trek began with a huge breakfast prepared by Jess. The horses were then caught from the field and JD received a visit from the farrier to restore his lost shoe. We then saddled up and headed around Diamond Lake. From Diamond Lake we rode past Arcadia Station, down the Paradise Road through the Red and Silver Beech Forest, through an Earnslaw Station paddock then across Diamond Lake. From there we climbed up Mount Alfred to the grassy knoll overlooking everything from Lake Wakatipu and Pigeon Island to Mount Cosmos, Chaos, and Poseidon to the Paradise Valley. This view was breathtaking!

We stopped to eat a hearty lunch then headed back down the mountain to the Rees Riverbed then upstream to our night's stop - the Shearer's Quarters on the Rees Valley Station. To get the Shearer's Quarters we rode though a beautiful (non-native) willow forest and lush lupin fields.

The day was much warmer and we only required vests instead of our huge jackets. I loved being able to see the landscapes and I tried to take in the view as much as possible. Thank goodness for digital cameras and iPhones!

That night we, again, feasted with a meal of roasted chicken and all the fixings.

My Horse for the Trek - JD

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