Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tiny House Living

My journey of living in a not so perfect but charismatic and charming Tuff Shed... I mean tiny house.

When I moved to California the plan was to move into a tiny house. A whole 120 square feet all to myself located right behind Jane's house. The building was originally a Tuff Shed used to store saddles and tack. One of Jane's dear friends came up with the plan to convert this little shed into my future house. 

My tiny house is connected to main water, sewer, and propane. I use a little electric heater in the winter and a window air conditioner in the summer (which is a must have given the heat in California). I have a small refrigerator under the starts, a standard size stall shower, a queen size bed, two dressers, a full size stainless steel kitchen sink, water heater, apartment size propane stove/oven, toilet, writing desk, love seat (which doubles as my dogs bed at night), microwave, and a bookshelf. I also have a rail to hang clothes on, a place for shoes, a little shelf which serves as my night stand, and more windows than I know what to do with. There is a window over my sink, desk, love seat, one behind my upstairs dresser and one next to my bed. Not to mention the two sky lights.

There are some flaws in my house though. Nothing that was flawed in R's design but my own doing. I refused to give up my desk or dresser and insisted on having a full size sink and oven. Plus I a girl am therefore have a ridiculous amount of shoes, clothes, and horse/western decor. Oh and jewelry.    Lots of jewelry. 

I wish I had a better system for food/dishes storage. That's a work in progress. Another issue is that my clothes rail is too short and my shirts hand on the ground but I'm limited by the angle and height of the wall. So far those are the only real issues I have... And the heater is on the fritz but I'm researching a new heater with a thermostat. I would love an adorable little (fake) electric wood stove but that's probably out of the question. 

My tiny house has so much character. From the stain glass windows that my mother made years ago to the steel rose by the sink. It is crooked too. Like the house I grew up in. The counter is mahogany and gorgeous, just like the stair/ladder combo that leads to the loft. 

I also have the cutest porch in the world. I've got old brick on the bottom and a tin roof on top. Then some of Jane's rocking chairs and a little table to set a cup on. 

There is also a kennel for Scout in case he needs it, but most days when we are gone he stays inside Jane's house with Josephine, Nellie, and Dooley.

Life is good here in tiny house nation. 

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