Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Days Turn into Fall

Wait a second. Where did summer go? I can't believe that summer has basically come and gone... It doesn't help that the weather up here at the lodge has been acting like fall. This morning it was only 40 degrees outside and it's been raining nearly afternoon, but I hope it warms up soon because I'm not ready for fall yet. Plus I've got a big women's group coming in this week and I want the weather to be great for them.

Seems like I have a lot to do around this place and it doesn't help that I've been pretty stressed. Not to mention I'm dealing with a cold. We've had some employee issues and things just haven't been getting done, so it looks like I'll have to spend some time doing all the little things that aren't getting done. Which is fine. It's all part of being a manager.

I'm excited for this women's group to come up, mainly because my good friend Jane will be coming also. (It's always good when she's around!) Plus, it will be a good change of pace from doing day rides and pack trips.

Yesterday my friends Shannon and Dawn came up to the lodge to come ride. It was really nice to have some friends around, but I felt super bad because I was sick and probably complained a lot on the ride. Plus it was raining. More like hailing. And I was cold because I have a cold.  Geez. Can you tell I'm sick by the way I'm writing and the way this blog post is jumping all around? Hopefully it clears up because I'm going to run out of Kleenex's here shortly and we all know how far it is to the nearest town...

Tomorrow we have a big group for dinner and then a short break Wednesday before the busy weekend. For now though I'm going to head outside and put out some salt blocks for the horses. I do love those horses.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nostalgic Horse Photos

Throw back Thursday... I'm getting all nostalgic over here. (And I'm sick therefore I'm digging through old photo albums and felt like posting them on my blog.)

Golden Nik Nugget... What a sweetheart he was.

Love of my life... Sir Lancelot.

Love this guy.

This gem is from my first jumping show ever. I was excited. I think.


4-H Camp with Nik.

Horse Love.

Trail class with Lance. Union County Fair.



Some more Lance love...

Blackie. (My first horse.)

Oregon State Fair. Love riding those gaited horses....

Zion National Park... Blueberry!
(At least that's what the back of the photo says.)

Nik... Showmanship.


Lance. He was a fantastic horse. I miss him dearly.
Now & Then. Other than the horse not much has changed.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Scout and his Stick

This is Scout. And the stick he was caring around all day today. Silly pup!

Mule Peak Lookout

Yesterday I traveled over to the South Fork of Catherine Creek Trailhead and packed some gear into the Mule Peak Lookout for the USFS. It was a longer day than it needed to be (for various reasons) but the view at the end was worth all of the effort.

Because I Can

Because this is my blog and I'm allowed to vent and be angry if I want to.

That being said, this post is going to be about the care of my horses and the horses we use here at the lodge and pack station.  First thing first... I want EVERYONE to know that I take great pride in the care and well-being of my animals.  Second thing, my horses have the best job in the world. They are legged up in May and June, ridden fairly hard between July-Septemeber in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, then to get to sit and eat until the following May. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Three months of work and nine months of getting to eat and relax.  Thirdly, you must understand that my horses are trained for this environment. They wouldn't do well in an arena. Heck, half the time they aren't even sure what flat ground is.

When you own as many horses as I do, some are always bound to get hurt. Please understand that if I have an injured horse I will do everything in my power to take care of that animal. I spend part of my day, every day, doctoring each little boo boo they get. I love them. They are all my babies. I know every quirk, every fault, and every aspect of each horse I own. And yes. They get bit by other horses. A lot. It happens in a herd environment. I would love to have a stall for every horse or let each horse have their own separate turnouts, but until I win the lottery that isn't happening.

Lastly, if you don't like my horses or my operation then don't bother coming back. I'm not forcing you to ride my horses or enjoy the beauty of the Eagle Caps.

So, to those nay-sayers that would like me to quit, I'm sorry to inform you that won't be happening. I love my horses (and mules!) and I do take pride in each of them. They are all amazing at what they do.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pine Lakes - Drop Camp

The other day I took a drop camp into Pine Lakes. The ride was absolutely gorgeous and the packing went off without a hitch. I hope that the group I took into Pine Lakes enjoyed the ride and that they decide to come back and go in with us again.