Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's that time again... Resolutions

BI'm one of those people that writes down resolutions the first of each new year then doesn't actually look at them until the eve of the next year, when I arbitrarily determine I need a new set of resolutions (even if I've failed to accomplish the one's I had set for the exiting year). So in honoring and continuing that tradition, let's look at what I wanted to do  in 2014 (see if they happened) and write down some resolutions for 2015.

For 2014 my resolutions were:
1. Travel. I traveled. To expos and to different states. To new restaurants and new places.
2. Ride my horse somewhere new and different. I went to an ACHTA ride in Prescott,Washington. We rode through the Broetje Apple Orachard; miles of apples along the Snake River.
3. Learn how to properly work my new DSLR. Check.
4. Continue to keep a healthy body weight and maintain muscle tone. Sure??
5. Read at least a novel a month. Perhaps. I didn't keep track. I can however tell you that my favorite book of 2014 was Unbroken.
6. Craft. Painted a lighthouse in oil. Took 2nd at the county fair.
7. Work with Kiwi (my new baby horse). Of course.
8. Learn to do something new. Not that I can think of off the top of my head.
9. Learn how to properly drive a team. That way, eventually I can purchase a new draft horse or mule team and use them at the lodge, in parades, etc. I did AND I purchase my first draft mule team - Kit & Kat!
10. Try a new equine sport. I didn't really get the chance to do an endurance race or anything like that. Next year maybe?

2015 Resolutions:
1. Work hard at my new job.
2. Eat healthier. I want my body to last.
3. On that same note, drink more water.
4. Go on an actual date. 
5. Start exercising more, like run a 5k or do some crunches.
6. Start new friendships and keep old ones alive.
7. Travel.
8. Learn something new.
9. Ride my horse new places.
10. Be nicer to myself.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My life

What have I done to my life? I've moved myself to California and am going to be living in a tiny home. (Literally. See here: Tiny House Movement)  I think I'm annoying the person I live with. I work at a vets office; and I know nothing about veterinary work.  I probably threw away the greatest thing ever.

What have I done to myself?

Thursday, December 18, 2014


I've not blogged in a very long time, which is funny because so much has happened. Like the fact I moved to California. Or got a job at a veterinary clinic. Or now live someone who used to work for me. 

Life is funny how is can change on you, no?

This change has been very difficult for me and I assume that it will conure to be difficult, especially as summer nears.

So, why did I change everything up? That's a great question. I guess I wanted a change... Needed a change perhaps. I still feel unsteady most everyday but I think this is the right place to be right now. I do wish I was home for the holidays in all the snow at Cornucopia. I won't get be around my family which is sad, but I am around great friends. I have a chance to participate in a lot of events and festivities, like tonight Jane and I are heading to Bayside for a Christmas service. It should be loads of fun!

I'm hoping that my feelings settle and I am reassured this is the right decision. Plus now that I've admitted to living in California I think I'll be back to blogging more. Hopefully.