Monday, October 13, 2014

Boring Old Life

Right now I'm getting ready to head into Baker with Windancer and Quincy to get their coggins test and health certificate. I think I'm going to send them to California for the winter. Window to heal and Quincy to sell. While Quin is a great horse we just don't "jive" and Windancer has a couple really bad abbesses and some shin splints that need to heal in a drier climate.

I've got a big to-do list between today and tomorrow that include cleaning my truck, prepping for the snowmobile expo this weekend near Seattle, taking the horses to the vet, cleaning, getting clothes washed and packed up, going to a snowmobile club meeting tomorrow night, mailing some stuff, picking up packages, then on top of that I need to go pull our summer camp at East Fork.  (I'm going to take all the mules that haven't been used lately and maybe ride Spirit or Payton up to that camp.)

Time to go clean out garbage and head to town. Hopefully nothing takes too long at the vets and I can be back here to continue to work on my to-do list.

Whew. It's a long day!

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