Monday, September 8, 2014

Thoughts from the trail: Part One

It was just after the sun said it's final goodbye last night that I pulled into the packstation with a string of eleven mules and four horses. Talk about a train of animals! I had just made it back from Crater Lake, a ride that takes at least ten hours  by horse back if you're lucky. Thank goodness I have the best stock ever and they didn't so much as shift a load or get in a tangle. 

By eleven o'clock I was tucked away in bed ready to start the process all over again five hours later. Now it's seven thirty in the morning and I'm already making my way into the Eagle Cap Wilderness  to pick up an elk for one of our hunters. I only have two mules today so it's fast moving, but still a long ride. My whole for today is to get down to the Imnaha and back to East fork before making the group of hunters going in today with Jeff (a new hire). I don't want to pass them on a narrow side hill!

There are several benefits to riding this early in the morning. The first is that you see wildlife left and right. Elk, deer, hawks and eagles to name a few I've seen so far. The day also goes by faster when you start earlier. Don't ask me the logic behind that one, but it's true. I also love that you get to watch the sun slowly creep up over the granite peaks. 

Hunting season always provides the packer with long hours in the saddle but I'm thankful for ridges and modern technology that allows me to blog from the saddle. That's all for now and here is your morning view from the ridge top.


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