Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Packing Out Elk

Today I made the trek into Fly Basin again to get another elk from that archery camp. (They are killing it down there!) This time one of the guys downed a beautiful bull, so I imagine he's a happy camper. I love seeing happy hunters/customers.

Like usual I left early in the morning, but this time it never warmed up. In fact I had my jacket on for the entire ride, which ended up being ten hours in the saddle. 

Once I loaded up the elk at Fly I headed over to Blue Creek Bench to do a meat check and, sure enough, they had a cow down. Rather than make another long trip tomorrow I stacked hinds and fronts on the mules. Poor Jasmine was loaded down with a lot of meat! 

We made it out safe and sound from there. Now, the meat is all in town either being held or cut and wrapped.  I sure hope they continue to do well and I'm anxiously awaiting to hear from the Crater Crew... That's a long ass ride so I hope they down several at once to save me a trip. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. 

Now it's time for bed. All that riding then cooking dinner and doing dishes wore me out.  

Oh. Last but not least, I rode Quin and he didn't buck me off. Hooray! I'm sure that first hill took it out of him. Quincy learned today what it takes to be a guide horse, but mostly he just looked confused about the humans that blend in with camp.

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