Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Days Turn into Fall

Wait a second. Where did summer go? I can't believe that summer has basically come and gone... It doesn't help that the weather up here at the lodge has been acting like fall. This morning it was only 40 degrees outside and it's been raining nearly afternoon, but I hope it warms up soon because I'm not ready for fall yet. Plus I've got a big women's group coming in this week and I want the weather to be great for them.

Seems like I have a lot to do around this place and it doesn't help that I've been pretty stressed. Not to mention I'm dealing with a cold. We've had some employee issues and things just haven't been getting done, so it looks like I'll have to spend some time doing all the little things that aren't getting done. Which is fine. It's all part of being a manager.

I'm excited for this women's group to come up, mainly because my good friend Jane will be coming also. (It's always good when she's around!) Plus, it will be a good change of pace from doing day rides and pack trips.

Yesterday my friends Shannon and Dawn came up to the lodge to come ride. It was really nice to have some friends around, but I felt super bad because I was sick and probably complained a lot on the ride. Plus it was raining. More like hailing. And I was cold because I have a cold.  Geez. Can you tell I'm sick by the way I'm writing and the way this blog post is jumping all around? Hopefully it clears up because I'm going to run out of Kleenex's here shortly and we all know how far it is to the nearest town...

Tomorrow we have a big group for dinner and then a short break Wednesday before the busy weekend. For now though I'm going to head outside and put out some salt blocks for the horses. I do love those horses.

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