Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nostalgic Horse Photos

Throw back Thursday... I'm getting all nostalgic over here. (And I'm sick therefore I'm digging through old photo albums and felt like posting them on my blog.)

Golden Nik Nugget... What a sweetheart he was.

Love of my life... Sir Lancelot.

Love this guy.

This gem is from my first jumping show ever. I was excited. I think.


4-H Camp with Nik.

Horse Love.

Trail class with Lance. Union County Fair.



Some more Lance love...

Blackie. (My first horse.)

Oregon State Fair. Love riding those gaited horses....

Zion National Park... Blueberry!
(At least that's what the back of the photo says.)

Nik... Showmanship.


Lance. He was a fantastic horse. I miss him dearly.
Now & Then. Other than the horse not much has changed.

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