Saturday, July 19, 2014

Neglected Blog

My poor neglected blog. I have not forgot about you! I've just been extremely busy.

Since July 1st, my last post, summer has been in full swing. Wilderness Horse Camp has been busy and filled with young girls who are thrilled to be riding horses in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  On July 4th I participated in the Haines Rodeo doing the cowhide race with a young guy that works for us. It was a crazy event and although we had fun, we didn't win. The darn cowhide broke!

Sometime after the fourth Jane and her husband arrived to spend a few quite days at the lodge before we hosted a 40 Something Cowgirl ride. It was a crazy, fun, maddening, hectic, enjoyable weekend. My favorite part was getting to spend time with Jane while she was here from California.

After the 40 SC's left, Jane and I went to Wallowa and I bought my very own mule team! I am so excited and thrilled to have a team. They are fabulous and have been perfect so far. I've renamed them Kit and Kat. Like the candy bar, KitKat.

I've also had the chance to ride with Darice and also go over to her place to practice with Kit and Kat.

I'll try to do a better job at blogging and posting photos!

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