Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Clearing Trail and Setting up Camp

Yesterday, my goal was to clear some trail with my fabulous friend Darice (who has been teaching me to drive mules).  But, before I even got the day started, I determined that if I was going to head all the way up East Fork I might as well take the camp up and get it set up too.

The morning started out by saddling six mules and rushing around to put together a backcountry camp. We finally got all the mules packed and loaded and started up the trail, although it was far later than I had anticipated.

There was a lot of sawing and moving of trees, but also a good share of laughter. I am so thankful that Darice was willing to come up and help me clear trail and set up the camp. (Even if I did manage to suck up a piece of bailing twine with the chainsaw and cause it to malfunction.)  East Fork camp is basically setup, but I'll have to go up again and cut some new tent poles. The snow this last winter was incredibly heavy and not only broke off numerous tree tops, but also demolished my second tent frame pecker poles.  The joys of winter continue into summer.

The long day ended with hamburgers at the lodge and Darice heading off the mountain. I might have a few blisters, but I'm certainly glad I can (semi) cross one thing off my list. Again, thank you to Darice. I appreciate your help immensely!

For now it's a warm shower and then off to bed.

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