Monday, March 24, 2014

Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2014 in Albany, Oregon

It has been a busy few days for me lately. Last Thursday I picked Jane up from the Portland airport and we proceeded to set up the Cornucopia Lodge booth for the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo in Albany, Oregon. I know that my booth can be a pain to set up (and take down) but I love it and I’m thankful Jane puts up with my antics.  After checking into the hotel we hit the hay. Or so I thought… Apparently I was singing in my sleep. (I’m so sorry Jane!)

Friday we headed to the expo and tried to get people interested in the lodge and coming to stay with us during the summer. We had lots of interest considering it was the first day of the show so that was good. In the afternoon my dad and Bobbi dropped by to see the booth and explore the expo. After a tiring day on our feet Jane and I meet my dad and Bobbi at Novaks, a fabulous Hungarian restaurant. But really. If you are in Albany eat at Novaks. The rest of the night was good, although I didn’t sleep well - but alas another day at the expo waited.

Saturday was a blur in terms of talking to people and passing out bags with brochures and samples. We met some really great people and hopefully we will get to see some of them at the lodge this summer if they book. Sunday the expo was especially slow. I think the fact that it was warm and spring break didn’t help an event that was, for all practical purposes, indoors. Still, it was a good expo for the lodge to attend.

Let’s see… what else happened? I got to talk with Mitch Hoover from MJ Rising Ranch. I spent time talking with my friend Lea from PayneWest Insurance. I got an Outback Trading jacket embroidered with Cornucopia Lodge – it’s black with purple lining. Very fun. Bought a cowhide. Didn’t sleep a whole lot. And overall had fun with Jane. It was a busy, but very good, few days.

AND I got a cinch! But not just any cinch, one that Jane hand made for me. I am so in love with it. Part of me wants to use and part of me wants to hang it on my wall. It’s amazing. I am so excited. Thank you Jane! (Side note: I tell Jane she is fantastic all the time… but she really is. I hope she knows it.)

My beautiful cinch!!

Now I think its time for dinner and then bed. I am ready to hit the sack. I think Scout would agree with that statement, he looks content now that I am home.  Oh and I do apologize for any spelling or grammatical mistakes in this blog post. I am tired enough I’m not even going to proof read it.

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