Monday, February 24, 2014

Kiwi the Cutie

Today I went on a little trip to buy groceries in Baker City. This meant I had a little time before and after to play with my little baby horse Kiwi. She's growing like a weed and I think she'll be a tall girl one day!

Here are some photos of my Kiwi mini-training season today. (Please excuse the messy pen... I try to keep it clean but green poop plus white snow equals a very stained looking pen.)

Big Head and Long Legs!

More?! More grain!

Up Close to the Camera

Horse Selfie 

This is not a duck face.
This is the face of a concerned Katlin.
First time laying on her back.
She didn't even care.
Hopefully the first of many "between the ear photos."
I can't wait until she gets big enough to ride!
(It'll be another year though...)

I could do this all day.
She is so photogenic! 

Pony kisses!

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