Wednesday, February 5, 2014

California Bound

Yesterday I drove for many many hours from Cornucopia to Auburn, California (near Sacramento for those that need a geological reference point). Tomorrow I'll continue my "trek" until I reach Pomona (near LA) and start setting up a booth for the Pomona Horse Expo.  I'm really excited to have a booth there and I hope that we get a lot of business from this show.

But for right now I'm at Jane's house enjoying the warm weather. Well, Californians might not think this is warm, but it's sure warmer that Cornucopia!

Here's some photos of the lovely critters here! I'll be sure to take more eventually but I had to come in and charge my camera battery. Whoops. Doesn't help when your camera dies.

What a cutie!

Those ears!

Green? In February? I'm not in Eastern Oregon anymore.

Delicious tasting water.

So cute!
I must be opposed with ears today... or have the wrong camera lens on.

More green!

Such a happy horse!

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