Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back in Oregon

Oregon o' Oregon. I drove to Ontario on Wednesday and spent the night there. Then continued the drive to Halfway Thursday. Once I got to the bottom of the hill it was straight to work. We are currently booked full! It's a whole lot of work because the snow is uncooperative; it's wet and heavy. In turn, wet heavy snow is very difficult to shovel.  But our guests are having fun and that's all that matters!

If you really want to know, this is how our days have gone: Get up early. Cook breakfast. Have breakfast ready for a full house by 8 o'clock. Make a gazillion pots of coffee. Set the table. Serve guests. Make the sack lunches. Do the dishes (about two hours by hand...). Put the dishes away. Shovel out vents on the cabins. Change the towels. Shovel out windows. Do the laundry. (Don't get the snowmobile stuck.) Set the table. Make dinner. Bake dessert. Make a fire. Have dinner done on time. Serve dinner: Salad and bread. Main course. Dessert. Put the food away. Do the dishes (again). Put the dishes away. Debate about showering and then finally go to bed. Oh and clean the kitchen fits in there somewhere...

Needless to say I'm tired!

Yes... That's the window to a cabin! I was trying to dig DOWN to it.

Just keep digging...

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