Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Horse Herd in Union

We came off the mountain and headed to Union yesterday. Our mission? To get the washer from the ranch and bring it up to the lodge, thus replacing the (dying) washer in the lodge. We'll now be able to actually get out clothes clean!

The plus side of going home? I got to spend time with my herd of horses and Shannon came over to meet them.   I love my horses and I wish that they could be up in Cornucopia, but alas there is too much snow. Summer can't get fast enough! Then I'll spend everyday, all day, riding in the mountains.

The Herd (Well, part of them at least.)

Giving Quincy a Hug

Giving WindDancer a little smooch. 

Getting up on Lance

My Old Man! I love this horse!


I took some tail clippings from my personal horses and will have it made into a neat necklace. I'm really excited about this, although it is a little expensive, I'll have my horses with me forever.  Oh! I also found FireCracker's registration papers… which means they aren't lost forever and I can finally send them in!

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