Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthday Day

A View on our Ride
I had a great birthday yesterday! I got to spend the majority of the day riding through Cove with my good friend Shannon.  It was a really fun ride and WindDancer got to experience pavement, chickens, a drive through, statues, goats, dump trucks, garbage trucks, garbage cans, barking dogs, and yellow lines. Thanks for riding with me Shannon on my birthday!
Getting Hot Chocolate in the Drive Through
Scary Buffalo Statue
Up to the Cemetery

Sharing my Lucky Charms with Twiggy 

After my lovely ride I came back up to Cornucopia to a fantastic dinner. I got a New York Steak, twice-baked potatoes, mac and cheese, cooked carrots, and a delicious chocolate cake!  (Thank you mom for making me a great dinner!)  I  love all of my presents and it was great birthday!

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