Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthday Day

A View on our Ride
I had a great birthday yesterday! I got to spend the majority of the day riding through Cove with my good friend Shannon.  It was a really fun ride and WindDancer got to experience pavement, chickens, a drive through, statues, goats, dump trucks, garbage trucks, garbage cans, barking dogs, and yellow lines. Thanks for riding with me Shannon on my birthday!
Getting Hot Chocolate in the Drive Through
Scary Buffalo Statue
Up to the Cemetery

Sharing my Lucky Charms with Twiggy 

After my lovely ride I came back up to Cornucopia to a fantastic dinner. I got a New York Steak, twice-baked potatoes, mac and cheese, cooked carrots, and a delicious chocolate cake!  (Thank you mom for making me a great dinner!)  I  love all of my presents and it was great birthday!

Friday, January 24, 2014

24 Today

24. Wait… when did this happen?  Well I guess it's here. 

I decided to do something I little different and list some difference you may (or may not) know about me. Here it goes:

1.  If you had to live anywhere else in the world where would it be?  Australia. That's easy. I would live there again. I wonder how much it would cost to ship a couple horses to Oz?
2. Where were you during your last birthday? Thailand!
3. What's the next "big purchase" you want to make? I want to buy a draft or mule team. I would love a big black beautiful shire team or a sturdy well mannered mule team.
4. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Closed. Always closed. I hate when they are open.
5. Which TV show do you wish was real? It depends. I think Doctor Who would be fantastic - but only if I get to travel with the Doctor.
6. What is your Chinese astrological sign? A horse! Go figure.
7. Do you sing in the car? Only when I am alone and on a long drive. I rock out pretty good too.
8. Favorite types of shoes? Cowboy boots… closely followed by moccasins.
9. Peanuts or sunflower seeds? Peanuts - all the way! Especially honey rusted peanuts like you get on the airlines.
10. What's your favorite color? Everyone should know this because I love forest green.
11. Favorite drink?  That's a tie between sparkling apple cider and lemon, lime, and bitters.
12. Which Disney character would you be most like? Merida from the animated movie Brave. She rides a horse, shoots with a bow, and is a free spirit.
13. Favorite daytime TV show? Ellen Degeneres.  She is so funny!
14. PC or Mac? Apple products always!
15. Have you ever stayed up all night? No. I almost did when I was in Australia… we went to bed really late and then got up a 2am to hike uMount Sonder. That's the closest I've ever come to staying up all night. 
16. Desktop or laptop computer? I have a MacBook Pro but I really want a 27 inch iMac so handle all of my photos and video footage. But I'm perfectly content with my laptop for now.
17.  Comfort food? A can of cold Coke and french fries. This is always my comfort food when I'm traveling and thanks to McDonalds you can find these items in almost every country. Although Australia still makes the best chips ever.
18. Favorite meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)? Geez. I am a morning person and I love a good hearty breakfast but I also love devouring a delicious pizza or steak at night. So it's a tie. Never lunch. I hate lunch time.
19. Do you collect anything? Rocks. (I don't think collecting horses counts.)
20. Do you like cheese? Of course! Cheese is fantastic.
21. What US state do you want to visit next? Hawaii. I've never been and always wanted to go. Then Alaska - I've never been there either!
22. What is your favorite cookie? If they are fresh and still warm then chocolate chip, but I can eat gingerbread cookies for days. 
23. Number one thing you can't leave the house without? My dog Scout!
24. What you are most looking forward to in 2014? New experiences and the opportunity to travel to new places.

Cheers to my twenty-fourth birthday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remembering the Old Days

Here's to the old days. The days filled with no worries… When I spent all my time on the back of my horse Lancelot.  Love that horse. So much!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Mountains

This is what 8" of new snow looks like in the morning. Isn't it beautiful?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Horse Herd in Union

We came off the mountain and headed to Union yesterday. Our mission? To get the washer from the ranch and bring it up to the lodge, thus replacing the (dying) washer in the lodge. We'll now be able to actually get out clothes clean!

The plus side of going home? I got to spend time with my herd of horses and Shannon came over to meet them.   I love my horses and I wish that they could be up in Cornucopia, but alas there is too much snow. Summer can't get fast enough! Then I'll spend everyday, all day, riding in the mountains.

The Herd (Well, part of them at least.)

Giving Quincy a Hug

Giving WindDancer a little smooch. 

Getting up on Lance

My Old Man! I love this horse!


I took some tail clippings from my personal horses and will have it made into a neat necklace. I'm really excited about this, although it is a little expensive, I'll have my horses with me forever.  Oh! I also found FireCracker's registration papers… which means they aren't lost forever and I can finally send them in!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Easy Ride in the Snow

This is the video from the first time I rode my new Polaris RMK 700 out from Cornucopia. We took it nice and easy. The sled has some get up and go when it wants to (that footage however is not featured because my GoPro wasn't fully charged).

Scout - The Snow Dog

This is some test footage from my Go Pro using the chest harness on my dog (upside down). I wanted to see what it was like from my dog's point of view when he's out in the snow.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year of the Horse

2014 is Year of Horse. Usually I do some sort of resolutions at the beginning of the year, so in review, here are my resolutions from last year:

1. Figure out what the heck I'm doing in life. A little ambitious and ambiguous? Perhaps.  That didn't happen. I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life.
2. Continue to work with little Misty and the horses across the road. I'll get them rideable... you just watch. Misty is fabulous. I rode her everywhere last summer and she led out with a string behind her.
3. Travel. (Specifically to southeast Asia.) Done. Alexis and I traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
4. Use snail mail to send letters and postcards to my friends. Nope. That didn't work.
5. Continue to keep Horse Camp profitable and perhaps get 'Catch a Falling Star Rides' up and running. Horse camp did good and hopefully Jane and I can make Catch a Falling Star Rides happen.
6. Look into a Masters Program or at least take the GRE. I have done neither I have at least created an excel spreadsheet with different degrees.
7. Maintain a healthy weight and keep my muscles nice and toned. Done.
8. Read more. Done.
9. Knit a piece of clothing (sweater, vest, etc.) Didn't happen.
10. Continue to improve my musical talents with all of my instruments. I would love to have a piano up here to keep playing, but at least I have my clarinet, guitar, and saxophone here.
11. Drink more water! This is more challenging than it should be I think I improved on this resolution.
12. Keep blogging! (Also, print my blog so I have a physical copy of it.) I've kept on blogging away! I still would like a physical copy of my blog though.
13. Learn how to work with fondant for cakes and cupcakes. I'm working on the fondant but have experimented with it several different times.

This year my resolutions are:
1. Travel. It doesn't have to be abroad, but I would like to go somewhere new and different.
2. Ride my horse somewhere new and different. It could be a trail I've never explored, a new wilderness area, or even out of state.
3. Learn how to properly work my new DSLR. Try new techniques and learn what every button and function does.
4. Continue to keep a healthy body weight and maintain muscle tone.
5. Read at least a novel a month. Sometimes I don't get a chance during the summer to read so I would like to make it a goal for this year.
6. Craft. Whether it be oil painting or knitting.
7. Work with Kiwi (my new baby horse).
8. Learn to do something new. A new sport, a new skill, a new language, anything…
9. Learn how to properly drive a team. That way, eventually I can purchase a new draft horse or mule team and use them at the lodge, in parades, etc. 
10. Try a new equine sport. Cutting, team penning, endurance ride, or anything else. I'm not sure this is a "resolution" but I would like it to be a goal for next year. 

That's all for now…. These are pretty sad resolutions but hey. Maybe I'll accomplish some of them.