Monday, September 30, 2013

Winter on the Mountain

Just look at this mountain. (I never get tired of the view.)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Winter in September

I hate riding in the rain. It's simple really, I hate being wet unless it's in a steamy hot shower, warm springs, or hot tub.

It's been raining now for several days without a break and I got the joy of packing hunters into one of our camps this morning. We got all packed up in the pouring rain and then headed out on the trail, which would have been fine except that within a mile we hit snow. If you have never experienced soaking wet + freezing + snow you probably aren't missing out.

Within the first mile we hit snow.
After it began snowing it didn't stop. In fact, the higher up the mountain we went the more is snowed. And by golly did it ever snow! I'm guessing there was anywhere from eight to ten inches on the ground with more on the way. Quincy was not a fan of the snow and he fell over with me at one point in time. (I'm actually not sure if he fell over/tried to roll/slipped. Good thing I know how to rapidly bail off a horse.)

Quincy: "Why are we riding in the snow?"
It never got about 32 except down really low by the pack station (where it was... and still is... miserably raining). I hope that hunting season goes fast and it stops raining/snowing. Oh, but I did I mention it's still September? Yes. This is winter is September folks.

Scout heading down the trail.

Lovely snow. Much better than rain but still too cold for my liking.
Also - when did I become so horrible at writing? Perhaps it's because I can't feel my fingers and my brain is still defrosting.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winter Already?

I guess it goes without saying that when you live in the mountains (literally) you get a whole different weather system. Thus it snowed today high on the mountain (just rained in the low country). Winter is here, but hopefully for only a short time.


The horses didn't seem to mind the rain. Except Quin. He kept giving me "the look."

This is "The Look."

WindDancer and Misty under the tree.

Some of the stock eating. 

Scout found a stick. A long stick!

I seriously live in a beautiful place and I think that sometimes I forgot that fact. There are hundreds of people that would love to live in the mountains literally a stone's throw from the Eagle Cap Wilderness. And I get to ride my horses for a living. And I get to pack. And guide. I just need to remember that.

Although it's not always easy. Friends are far away. But - thank you Allison for the care package! You know my candy preferences all too well and I was really excited to find it in the mail! You are the best!

The Life

Not too shabby of a job. Except when it's cold... And that's pretty much all of hunting season.

Always a Beautiful View

My mule string... I couldn't even get half of them in the photo!

This cute little guy was hanging out by the lodge.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bow Hunting Season

It's the middle of bow hunting, which means a super busy time for everyone here. We've been packing people in and out of the woods constantly and we have been pulling out their meat too.  Although I dislike packing during hunting season, the weather during bow season is warm - unlike second elk in October/November when it snows constantly.

I just thought I'd share some photos and a short (shaky) video of my recent trip into a camp called East Fork.

Heading into camp loaded up!
(Those are bow cases top packed.)

Coming back out after dropping the hunters and
their gear off.

I love empty loads. Nothing to worry about!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Misty on the Trail

It's important to me to keep riding Misty so that she continues to learn and grow. She has come such a long ways and I'm really proud of my little mare. Misty isn't totally game for heading out into the wilderness on her own yet, so the other day I convinced my mom to come on a ride with me. Misty did great leading the way even when I asked her to (literally) jump off a creek bank into the creek filled with huge round boulders! She's turning out to be a great horse!

Misty (She's short. I know.)
Misty and I
My mom riding 'her' horse.
I'm proud of how far Misty has come and how she always does what I ask of her! And thanks to my mom for going on a ride with me so Misty could have some moral support.

Baker County Fair (In Halfway)

I've always wanted to enter something into the Baker County Fair that takes place in Halfway, but I've never been able to figure out what I should enter. This year I decided to do an oil painting. It was a little ambitious because this was the first oil painting I've EVER done.  But, it turned out pretty well. I really should take some better photos because it's not just a giant yellow blob, in fact it's a flower I saw in Singapore.

(Maybe the next oil painting will be more 'abstract.')

My mom also entered the fair with the quilt she made me. I love the quilt and I just knew that everyone else would too! She won first in her division, which was the largest!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Start of Fall

It's beginning to look a little like fall up here at Cornucopia Lodge.  The colors are starting to change, the weather is changing, and I wish summer was here for another whole year.  I've included some photos of my recent rides around the Eagle Cap Wilderness in this post.