Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day in Chiang Mai Thailand

Today was our last day in Thailand. At first, Alexis and I didn't know what to do today... then we decided to go to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. This is the most famous temple in Chiang Mai and it overlooks the city, sporting beautiful views. Built in 1383, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep sits at 3,520 feet and is perhaps the first real "mountain" Alexis and I have seen.

This temple is beautiful and the 300+ stairs you must climb before entering the temple make it a memorable experience. I felt at home in the mountains and I just loved the green jungle I was surrounded by!

At the Bottom of the Stairs
We then had our driver take us to the Silk Factory in Chiang Mai. What a process to make silk! It was neat to see the silk worms and I can't believe that these factory works make silk all day. It's insane! I bought a piece of silk that my mom can hem, so I'll now have a wild rag from Thailand!

After the silk factory we went to hand-made umbrella factory. If I had money (and a giant house) I would have bought this giant elephant painting they had, but it was massive (think 6x12 feet). However it was only $100USD - so if you need to buy large pieces of artwork go to Thailand!

My Favorite Painting Here in Thailand
There were also giant fans and beautiful hand painted umbrellas everywhere!

Alexis and I finished off our little adventure by grabbing some ice cream. Now we are just in our hotel room blogging. Tonight we will head back to the night bazaar for some dinner and we might spend the last of our Thai money on souvenirs.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Amazing Elephant

Yesterday Alexis and I headed outside of Chiang Mai to ride elephants in Thailand's jungle. Yes! We rode elephants all day!! We went to the "Thai Elephant Home," a place that I highly recommend to anyone wanting a true elephant experience.

Any place that makes a constant conservation effort and reforestation effort gets a plus in my book. The Thai Elephant Home also tries to preserve the elephant heritage and traditions. After learning about the elephants, practicing the commands, and changing into our tradition Thai outfits we headed out to pick our elephants! But, not before stopping to offer our prayers to Buddah that we may travel in safety.

Learning about Asian Elephants
Praying to Buddha
 We fed the elephants banannas, which they really enjoyed, then practice mountains and dismounting. Then we picked our elephants for the day.

My Beautiful Elephant!
I ended up with one of the male elephants. He had beautiful tusks and was mostly gray in color. I can't remember his name because it was hard to say in Thai, but I was able to remember all of the commands! After trekking through the jungle for a while we stopped to take a short break. All of the elephant handlers wanted to know if I had ridden an elephant before because they said I was really good. What a compliment! It seemed similar to riding a horse and I was really comfortable on the elephant!

Sometimes our handlers would have to hop on the elephant with us when we crossed large rivers. Talk about powerful animals! No river current seemed too big!

When we stopped for lunch we got to experience Pad Thai wrapped in large leaves. It was delicious! It was nice to stop and eat some food, but mostly it was great because we got to play in the mud! 

Pad Thai in leaves

Say what? Yep. We played in the mud with our elephants! Covering them in mud helps protect their skin from the sun, plus it is also good for human skin. I should clarify that this wasn't like regular mud, it was thick black mud that felt really nice. (Although I'm not sure I liked the fact that it got everywhere and was really hard to get off.) Plus we got to be covered in mud just like the elephants!

After covering our elephants in mud we got back on, which is done by telling the elephant to lay down, then headed to the river. I'm super glad my elephant obeyed/I was able to control him because all of the elephants wanted to stop and eat along the way. We then bought some sugar cane for our elephants. They could smell it in our hands and would reach their trunks over their heads and grab some from us. It was super fun!

We then stopped in one of the rivers and cleaned off the mud. It was really fun to play in the river with the elephants! Plus, I got to splash Alexis with water and my elephant enjoyed spraying water all over people!

We then walked through a village and headed back to the Thai Elephant Home. It was interesting to see how well-kept our elephants looked in comparison to some that we're obviously not treated super well. I'm glad that Alexis and I picked this elephant place because they are all treated very well. (P.S. There are awesome signs everywhere.)

Watch for Elephants and Oxen... Not Deer.
Once we got back, we showered and soaked our feet in some so of herbal tea. The Thai Elephant home gave us each a t-shirt, photo of our elephant and us, and a CD with photos they took along the way! I can't wait till I get home to look at the photos! Too bad my iPad doesn't have a CD drive...

Anyways - Elephants are awesome!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goodbye to Bangkok - Hello Chiang Mai

Yesterday was our last day in Bangkok with Bow and her family. It wasn't a super busy day, but a good day still. First we watched the Swiss Family Robinson... Such a great movie! We then headed to lunch with Bell (Bow's sister), her mom, grandmother, and aunt. And guess where we went? Mcdonalds. Haha. The menu is different because it's almost all chicken due to the fact the population is largely Buddast and they don't eat beef.

After lunch we walked around this giant store which resembled a Cosco or Walmart. Then they took us to this crazy dessert place. Crazy good! It was a huge, thick piece of French drenched in chocolate syrup and served with icecream on the side. We also got to eat another piece of toast that had candy all over it. Of course, because I love chocolate so much, I was in seventh heaven!

We then headed back to their grandmas house and watched TV while waiting for dinner. Bow was still at school so Alexis and I chatted with Bell, who is really really funny. It was fun to sit down and laugh - all while watching this strange religious show on HBO the 'American Channel.'

Bell's grandmother just loves to torch urge us with strange Thai food. Ok. Really should loves to watch me struggle. Finally she fed me crackers as she laughed saying 'for baby.' oh well, at least they were good!

We ended the night by exchanging gifts. They were so nice and they made Alexis and I sovuneer books with photos that Bow's dad took! They also gave us a Thai silk coin purse and other cloth wallet thing. I'm also bringing gifts home for the Dempseys from them! Oh... I almost forgot about the music! They let us play some tradition Thai instruments they had in their home. One was similar to a marimba and other other was a cross between a harp and something. It was really neat! If I have time I'll look up what the names of the instruments are.

Oh yes - and the food. See this example:

The best way I can describe the above photos are that it was like eating giant (think) pieces of french toast covered in chocolate, candy, and topped with coconut ice cream. Can you say amazing and really delicious?!

This morning their driver took us to the airport (Bell came along) and we departed for northern Thailand. Actually, we had a lot of time in the airport since security took us literally no time. so we ate KFC and had Krispy Creame donuts. The plane ride was super short and I only managed to watch a little portion of the Lion King on my iPad.

Now we are in Chiang Mai for a few days. We spent this evening walking around and exploring the Night Bazzar. I bought myself a green Thai Silk scarf and I love it! So fantastic! Now we are sitting in our hotel room preparing for tomorrow which is our elephant ride!! It is going to be awesome!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Hello Tiger

Yesterday was really fun! Breakfast involved more chocolate than normal because I got to finish my birthday cake. In case I forgot to mention this before, Bow and her family bought me a cake and sang happy birthday the first day that I got here! So I got an awesome chocolate cake with Thai writing on it. These people are so nice! 

After breakfast we headed to the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo Thailand. It's not really a crocodile farm or zoo, more like an animal park that has lots of crocodiles and elephants. Today it was just Bow, her dad, Alexis and I. The first thing we did at Samutprakarn was take photos with a tiger! Alexis and I had been joking that we really wanted to see and touch a tiger and then 'wham'... there was a tiger! He didn't look extremely happy to see us since it was early in the morning when they first opened. Plus, the tiger had a chain collar on; which was good since he could have eaten us. 

Croc Show
We headed to watch a crocodile show next. Two Thai men did stunts with the crocodiles, like putting their heads in it's mouth and other such crazy things. People kept throwing money into the ring, which I thought was strange, and at one point in time they put all the money into the crocs mouth then grabbed it. I got some great photos I will be sure to upload later! Also, it smelled funny and I wasn't sure why.

Bow's dad then lead us to see the white tigers, lions, and bears. Yep. Bears like the good ol' USA has. 
Thai Bear
Once we saw those we all headed to the elephant show. This show was, in my opinion, one of highlights of the day. Elephants are so intelligent and it's amazing what they can do. One elephant walked on tight rope (actually it was cable), another painted a picture of a tree, some break-danced, some sat on stools, and others walked around so we could feed them bananas and fruit. It was really fantastic! I loved how they just grabbed the fruit from our hands and ate it.

Feeding an elephant!
 Once the show ended we got to go down and sit on an elephant! But, not before Alexis got mobbed by random people for photos, maybe she looks like someone famous? It was so fun to sit on the elephant - even if it was just for a minute!
Sitting on an elephant for the first time!
Elephant walking on cable
After the elephants we rented self propelled paddle boats and fed fish in the pond. It was fun to paddle around, but it was also hot! Early Alexis and I were joking that we would end up like people we watched on TV paddling one of those boats around - then behold it happened! At least we had a blue duck. That's a good thing, right? Haha.

We then all headed to go feed some crocodiles. First we started by throwing them raw meat. Alexis and I still can't figure out what sort of meat we were feeding them! Although it was gross to be handling raw meat, I'm excited to say that I have now fed a croc! The other way you feed them is by putting meat on the end of a stick with a rope, which you then throw the rope and meat over to the crocs. And hopefully you manage to not drop the stick while they drag the meat down and eat it. 

After feeding the crocs and walking around we stopped at the bird enclosure. I like looking at birds, but not necessarily feeding them. And they definitely weren't well trained birds... They would bite your fingers off! Alexis really likes birds though and in (almost) every photo it looks like she is having a full-out conversation with them. 
Alexis, Bow, and I in the bird enclosure.
Next, we all went across Bangkok and rode a river boat on the Chao Phraya River. As we rode along the river we made several different stops. First we stopped to see all of the King's fancy long boats at the Royal Barges National Museum. They were crazy beautiful and it was interesting to learn some of the history behind these boats. And yes, these are actually used by the King, but only for very special occasions.
Royal Barges National Museum  
The three of us at the museum
We also stopped on the river to fed these crazy fish bread. Fish are just so fun looking, but I dislike eating them. Terrible thing to dislike fish and go to Asia. Haha.

Feeding the Fish!
On the River
We then stopped at the Floating Market - which was great! I bought myself a gorgeous pair of purple and gold earrings. Bow's dad bought us some street food to eat and it was... interesting... Although I really enjoyed the pork we got. We traveled on the river for a while and got to see life in Thailand from a different perspective. Some of the houses we saw were really nice and some of them were less nice nice. It was neat to see none the less. 

Floating Market!
Our last stop on the river was at Wat Arun, the temple of the dawn. We got to wear Thai skirts, climb the crazy high stairs, and take a ton of fun photos. Wat Arun is super impressive considering all of the fine details that are on the temple. I was really glad that we got to see Wat Arun as it was on the list of things I really wanted to see during this trip!

Super fun posed photos! Thanks to Bow's dad for these!
After we climbed Wat Arun we headed back across the river then went to a giant mall to eat dinner with Bow's family.  I was really excited for dinner because we ate a Sizzle. Bread, baked potatoes and lots of amazing food! It was the best. I also picked up some presents in the mall for people so that was fun! Alexis also bought a Thai Harry Potter - which is awesome!
Wat Arun
Super exciting day... and it was simply fantastic!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Exploring Thailand's Temples

Yesterday started with breakfast and heart shaped eggs. And even though I don't like eggs, I have to admit that heart shaped eggs are really cute! Then came the bread and crissonsants with nutella and butter. Then some corn/egg soup. Followed by sausage, which tastes more like a hot dog than sausage. This was followed by ham. All the while drinking some sort of hot chocolate. It never ends. But (for the most part) it was delicious! I am so thankful that Alexis and I are able to stay with Bow and her family. This is the authentic Thai experience.

We started the day off at Wat Phra Kaew. I'm not sure how to describe this temple, but it is simply amazing (which seems to be true of all the Thai temples I have seen thus far). With Bow and her brother Boss as our tour guides we explored Wat Phra Kaew. This temple complex is filled with elephants, Buddahs, and more gold than I have ever seen in one place! It's interesting because you have to dress in long skirts and modest shirts. If you aren't dressed accordingly, then you must rent a silk wrap-a-round skirt. 

Wat Phra Kaew is beautiful and I love the iconic gold spire, but it is filled with far too many tourists and people! After walking around and taking photos, we grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed to the Grand Palace. The Grande Palace was the home of the royal Thai family until 1946, now it's a museam filled with classic Thai treasures.  I keep saying that I am amazed with things, but it's so true... Especially the detailed and intricate art work and wood carvings.

Once we explored Wat Phra Kaew we heaed ove.  to Wat Pho, which holds the amazing 'Reclining Buddha.' I had no idea how tall and long the reclining Buddah was! (Besides being huge, the feet as corvered in mother of pearl astrological symbols.) Although the  Buddah was unbelievable once again there were hundreds if not thousands of tourists there, so we decided to head to lunch.

Bow, Boss, Aexis and I enjoyed a lunch filled with green curry, white rice, and of course some French fries. I was glad to sit down for a while and I splurged on a Coke, which happened to be covered in Thai writting. After lunch we caught a taxi to the Vimanmek Palace. (Once again on the crazy Thai roads!)

Vimanmek Palace is a beautiful place that was once home to Thailand's kings of old. However, because the people value the King so much, you are not allowed to take anything into the palace. You must also wear a long skirt, which prompted Alexis and I to buy Thai sarong. Mine purple sarong fades to white which images of elephants across the bottom. I love it! Anyways... The Veinamek Palace is huge. Far greater than I would have imagined. I am also dumb-founded by the amount of Rhino tusks and elephant tusks that seem to fill every room. I can't fathom the price tag on those!

Once we finished at the Vimanmek Palace we went to the Anata Samakhorn Throne Hall, which showed 'Arts of the Kingdom.' This is place dedicated to showing off pieces made for the King and Queen. The building itself was covered in gold and remineded me of the Sistine Chapel. The throne hall had more ornate things in it than I have ever seen. Crazy-intense wood carving, beattle wing fabric, silk fabric mediums, and statues to name a few. 

After Anata Samakhorn, Bow's dad came and picked us up where we went to an open air market called the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The market is indescribable in size - too many football fields to count! Although I read that there are over 8,000 vendor stalls!! Here we wandered through hundreds of stalls, buying some small trinkets, before finally heading for dinner. 

We ate dinner with Bow, Boss, Bell, their dad, mom, and grandma. During dinner Alexis and I decided we don't like Korean food. And yes, I know we aren't in Korea but we went to an authentic Korean restaurant. Also... I fail with chopsticks and foreign food.I don't like fish or eggs or a number of things when it ones to this food. Good thing Bow's mom ordered us steak! (I was struggling up till this time!)

Thank goodness there was ice ream at the end! I'm also excited for ice cream! Now it's the start of another day and I am excited to see what it holds! 

Oh... I also wanted to make a quick mention of money. Most everything reasonable runs you 100 baht. This is roughly $3.00 USD. It's fantastic to pay so little for something! Even the expensive things (1,000 baht) is only $33.00USD. I'm so glad things are cheap!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vanishing Birthday

Guess what? I'm in Thailand. I left the USA on Wednesday, lost my birthday as I crossed the International Date Line and arrived in Bangkok on Friday.  Before leaving the United States, I met Alexis at the LAX airport and we then proceed to fly on Korean Air.  I love Qantas - but I'll have to give it to Korean Air, there was plenty of leg room, good meals, and good in-flight entertainment.  Oh - we also celebrated my birthday by eating Little Debbie chocolate rolls I brought with me. So fantastic! And thank you to my mom for the birthday card! Love you!

Birthday Cake 
Somewhere on our flight Alexis decided that instead of eating chicken or beef she wanted traditional Korean food. I'm not exactly sure what she got, but it involved instructions (yes... five steps to eat her food), seaweed food, strangle noodle/worm things, and a vegetable rice bowl. Like most international flights, I spent a lot of time sleeping but it wasn't great sleep. How are you supposed to be comfortable in the middle?

Once we made it to Thailand we were greeted by Bow's parents. (My sister Heidi hosted Bow, an international exchange student from Thailand last year.) They were so helpful and gave us maps and plenty of information. They brought us a basket of fruit which included Longkong.

The traffic in Bangkok is crazy. And although everyone drives like mad-men, there doesn't appear to be any accidents or policemen for that matter. At one point in time Bow's father 'Boon' decided that the traffic was too slow, so he simply drove down the land the wrong way. Good thing it was blocked so no one was coming.

Lunch consisted of cashew chicken, pad Thai, coconut egg dessert, shrimp soup, and shrimp noodles. They also had some fried chicken (although Alexis and I couldn't figure out what part of the chicken we were eating... and I'm not sure I want to know), steak, and of course some french fries for us. After meeting Bow's family (and her) for lunch, we went for a Thai massage. While at times somewhat awkward, the massage was great and it was fantastic to get all the stress out from the plane ride.

Bow's Spa
There isn't any pictures on this blog post yet - but once I either am able to use Alexis's computer or the trip ends I'll post photos.

Today we are off to see some traditional Thai temples (temple = wat). I'm super excited to see what the day holds and what we will do. It's super nice that Bow and her parents are taking us places. I'm not sure I'd want to conquer Bangkok on my own... it's slightly confusing. Just like the keyboard I am typing on... I can't figure out what all of their letters are!

So far we have been taught that a polite hello, is 'Sa Wa Dee Ha' (phonically) and 'Khwap Koon' (phonically because I'm not even going to try and spell in Thai) is thank you. And I can't remember what good bye is.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy (Early) Birthday to Me

It's the 22nd, two glorious days before my birthday, and I am headed off to Portland. I'll spend the night with my sister Lisa then proceed to hop on a flight to LAX airport the next morning. Hopefully I'll manage to find my friend Alexis in the airport... then off to Thailand we go!

Because of the International Date Line my birthday "poofs" away somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Yes. I leave Portland the 23rd and land in Bangkok the 25th. This strange vanishing birthday has translated to the fact that I've gotten to celebrate all this last week.

My mom made me a fantastic cake! I really wanted a cake with fondant on it and she went to work to make this awesome cowgirl cake.

23rd Birthday Cowgirl Cake
I got some beautiful fingernail polish from my grandma! Deep red and dark purple that have a neat shimmer or sparkle to them. I painted my toenails with the red yesterday and I absolutely love it! I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic grandma!

My mom bought some a new outfit at Maurice's for my birthday. I got these corral colored skinny jeans with a multi-colored stripped shirt, then a long sleeve green shirt. Everything looks so great together! I'm super excited to go on this trip and be able to rock some stylish new clothes. Mom also got me a beautiful green wild rag that I can wear in the summer. No cowgirl should ever be without a wild rag! (For those that don't know, a wild rag is usually a large square silk scarf that is often on old-west cowboys.)

I don't think I'm mentioned our minor dilemma at the house yet, so let me explain. When mom and I came home a few days ago we discovered that the water pipes were frozen. Somehow, in an attempt to unthaw them perhaps, the pipes shattered. Not broke. Shattered. Long story short, the water came through all the ceiling and created a waterfall with the chandelier at the center. I can't believe how much water came down from the attic!  We finally have everything fixed (we hope), so there shouldn't be any more problems! Oh... while this was happening I was trying to video chat my sister because I wanted to open my birthday presents from her. Later that night I got to open them. She got me and amazing belt and

Scout all managed to make his toy look like a hoodie. He's my "washer-woman" dog. Haha. He looks ridiculous.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Snow to Shovel

Since my last post, I've continued to shovel more snow. It's crazy how much it piles up when you aren't looking.  Besides shoveling snow, I managed to almost completely destroy my external hard drive and laptop hard drive. First my external hard drive was convinced it was broken beyond repair. Thankfully my dad fixed it! Then my laptop went all nuts when I tried to upgrade it to Mountain Lion. Crazy thing. I thought I was surely going to lose all my photos and movies.

I might have had a minor panic attack.

Thankfully my laptop is back to normal now! Hooray for my dad! He is the officially genius when it comes to fixing unrepairable hard drives!

Winter is Here To Stay

I think it's safe to say that winter is finally here. While the lodge is gorgeous and living here isn't so bad, I really hate shoveling snow. It's heavy. It's cold. It doesn't cooperate. And the longer you leave it the harder to move it becomes.

For the last two or three days I've done nothing but shovel show. I've shoveled snow off the deck. Off the porch. Off the shed. Of the Tucker. Of the horse trailer. Off the ladder I needed to use to reach the trailer roof.

For example:
The Tucker before I shoveled off 4 feet of snow.

The Tucker after I shoveled off the snow. 

It seems like most of the shoveling has to be done by hand right now. The blade and winch on dad's 4x4 (nicknamed 'the Ute') is broken so the driveway is a small mess. Thankfully we have a gigantic snowblower that makes it easier and faster to clear the deck. Although the downside to the snowblower is that it probably weighs 300 pounds and isn't easy to move when it gets stuck.

Dad using the snow blower on the deck.

The one thing the snow does it coat everything in white. The trees look like something out of a movie!

Beautiful white trees up here.

Working up here certainly makes a person tired. Moving snow around is not a easy job. Plus you get wet a lot. I'm excited to see how much snow we get this winter, currently we are just shy of 4 feet.

Oh - I can't forget to mention the "little" snow storm we had yesterday. While it's not as much as we have gotten in years past, 18 inches overnight sure seems like a lot. Below is a picture of our main entrance. See all the snow on the roof? Crazy, right?

Snow accumulation on the roof!
 Well, here's to three or four more months of winter.

I almost forgot! I got an early birthday present from my sister: Smartwool long johns! They are simply the best! I put them to the test today out in the cold and my legs never got chilled! It awesome! Thanks sis!!! Love you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the Love of Horses

Photos: Baker County Open Horse Show (on Lance), Union County Fair (Grand Champion on Lance), Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (Observer Front Page - Kissing Lance after Showmanship), Union (Blackie, my first horse, photo dated 12-1-91), Panhandle Rodeo/Playday (Running Barrels on Lance), Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (Western Pleasure Reserve Champion on Lance), Standing on Nik in the yard, Eastern Oregon Livestock Show (Pole Bending on Nik), Streaching Lance out at Cayuse Flats.
Geez. These were all such a long time ago! Guess I've always loved horses and will continue to always ride!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – New Beginnings

Update: Woohoo!

Finding new beginnings in old roots.

A new life. A new beginning.

Spring represents the simplest of new beginnings.

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: New Beginnings!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

It's 01/01/2013, which means the perfect day to jot down some new year's resolutions! These aren't the best resolutions, but they were all I could think of. ('13' for 2013.)

1. Figure out what the heck I'm doing in life. A little ambitious and ambiguous? Perhaps.
2. Continue to work with little Misty and the horses across the road. I'll get them rideable... you just watch.
3. Travel. (Specifically to southeast Asia.)
4. Use snail mail to send letters and postcards to my friends.
5. Continue to keep Horse Camp profitable and perhaps get 'Catch a Falling Star Rides' up and running.
6. Look into a Masters Program or at least take the GRE.
7. Maintain a healthy weight and keep my muscles nice and toned.
8. Read more.
9. Knit a piece of clothing (sweater, vest, etc.)
10. Continue to improve my musical talents with all of my instruments.
11. Drink more water! This is more challenging than it should be...
12. Keep blogging! (Also, print my blog so I have a physical copy of it.)
13. Learn how to work with fondant for cakes and cupcakes.

Let's take a look back at my 2012 New Year's resolutions and see how I did...
1.  Travel. Generally speaking this shouldn't be too hard. Especially since spring semester means Spring Break... which is the perfect opportunity for a little travel. Well - I think I did pretty good with this one. For Spring Break I headed to Las Vegas with my friends, went on a mini vacation with my sister to Spokane Washington and Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and planned a trip to southeast Asia.
2.  Graduate from Utah State.  Done and done! I not only graduated, but I graduated with latin honors, was a Xi Sigma Pi member, had service-learning honors, and went out with a rockin' GPA.
3. Workout on a somewhat regular basis.  Really I just want a six pack/rock hard stomach. And great biceps.  I worked out a fair amount and I really got into Zumba. My biceps are fantastic and my abs are harder than rocks (although not a defined six pack.)
4. Make time during school for things that I love to do. Check. 
5. Work during the summer and really dig into the outfitting and horse camp.  I want to make this business fly. Well Horse Camp made money. So that counts, right?
6. Spend more time with family and friends.  I spent a ton of time with my friends in Utah and I live my family so I get a ton of "family" time.
7. Live life without regrets. Sure I guess.
8. Memorize campfire songs for my guitar. I failed so epically with this. Haha. But I bought an Native American Flute so at least I kept music in the mix.
9.  Figure out how to correctly play the didgeridoo. This is going to take more than just one year, but so far I'm making progress.
10.  Make all the cupcakes in my cupcake book... except the rat cupcakes.  Those scare me. I'm slowly working my way through the cupcake book. I just love making cupcakes!
11. Break little Misty to ride... and break in some of the horses from across the rode. Those wild things. Little Misty is ridable! She's still a little spooky around tarps and loud noises, but really another summer of miles will help her a lot! As for the horses across the road, they've gotten to know me better but I have yet to really work with just one and break 'em in.
12. Knit a hat. I think I'll knit a hat this week or next. Although I didn't manage to get one done in 2012, I managed to knit 4 Christmas presents of other sorts... so that's pretty good.