Monday, December 16, 2013

Alabama Adventures

The days have flown by here in Alabama! I got to try out my camera by taking some photos at JSU (in the president's house), which was also the location of Erin and Daniel's piano recital. The photos turned out really good and it was fun to practice focusing and playing with lighting.  I also got to wear my new blue dress. I had to sew down the slit because it was just a tad high, but I love wearing that dress!

While we listened to Erin and Daniel play I devoured cookies. Gingerbread cookies are my absolute favorite winter/Christmas cookie so whenever they are around I gobble them up.

The recital went well and I was glad I got to hear Erin and Daniel play. They are a super talented family!
Heidi, David, Daniel and Erin + Kira and Sandy (Exchange Students)

It was such a gorgeous tree!
On of the other days we went to the Berman Museum in Anniston for Christmas in the Gardens. The botanical gardens were all alight and beautiful but the best part of the night was organ! David was invited to play the organ which actually has to be operated two people, the player and the person operating the two bellows; without the bellows the organ will not produced sound.

One of the nights, we celebrated Christmas early. I wanted to do that so I could give out gifts to everyone and watch them open their presents. It's far more fun to see people opening their gifts in person.

The snowman stocking was mine!

Sandy and Kira opening the kitty litter box to reveal pop tarts! 

Daniel examining the bow present.


Erin and her new sweater.

Heidi gave me the most beautiful earrings! I LOVE them!

Erin's awesome print!
We spent a lot of time playing games too. I love games, but there are never enough people/friends around the lodge to play with. Heidi also loves board games and has a huge collection so I was really excited to learn some new ones. We played Pirates Cove, in which you battle to become the best pirate. We also played Ticket to Ride Netherlands, a new TTR map the family just got. I love Ticket to Ride so it was really fun to learn a new map.  I also discovered my new favorite board game: 7 Wonders. It is such a fun game and I had everyone playing it a lot!

7 Wonders… I won!

Ticket to Ride Netherlands!

It's been really fun to be at Heidi's house and I don't want think about going home!

Christmas lights outside of the Dempsey household.

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