Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving is on November 28 this year, so in honor of the season here are 28 things I am thankful. P.S. These are not in any "order."

1. My Family. Because no matter how angry or annoyed we get, we still love each other. I think.
2. Hot Water. It sounds silly, but I am so thankful that all I have to do is turn a knob and I get hot water.
(2.1 Dishwashers. Seriously, people take those for granted.)
3. My Personal Horses. I love them. Seriously. I'm so thankful for Lance, WindDancer, Quincy, Cracker, Misty, and now Runt (still deciding on a name).

Quincy, Scout, and I.

4. Technology. This is a love/hate relationship, but at the end of the day I am thankful that I can communicate to friends and family who live far away. Although I still wish I never had to make or answer a phone call ever.
5. Debt. I'm thankful that, other than a few small credit card charges, I am debt free. I couldn't imagine trying to pay off student loans, trucks, trailers, etc. Thank you brain for getting me plentiful scholarships.
6. My degree/Utah State. I miss Utah State University, but I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to gain a higher education. I'm also thankful that I now hold a Bachelor's degree in a field that I love.
7. Where I live. Eastern Oregon is beautiful... but Cornucopia and southern edge of the Eagle Cap Wilderness is especially beautiful.
8. My job. Where else am I going to find a job that lets me travel, ride horses, and make s'mores all summer long? The ski and snowmobile in the winter?
9. My blog. It's like journaling - only public. And better because I can add videos and photos.
10. My GoPro... so I can catch amazing videos of my life.
11. My camera... so I can always capture the moment.
12. Pizza. I love pizza. I love that we make amazing brick oven style pizza from scratch.
13. Friends. You are all awesome.
14. Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. (Except I wish it was sunny and 85 degrees...)
15. Speaking of sun, I love the sun. I love warm weather.
16. Warm homemade bread.
17. The ability I have to bake sweet treats.
18. Ice cream. Nothing beats a good bowl of ice cream.
19. Music. I am thankful that I have the talent and ability to make music and I am also thankful that there is music all around me.
20. The ability I have to travel the world. I'm thankful I not only have the financial means to travel, but that we live in a time when I can indeed travel. I'm also grateful for friends who travel with me (Alexis!).
21. My dog Scout. He is my world. I love him so much!


22. My physical health. I am so thankful I am healthy and have the ability to live an active lifestyle.
23. Christ.
24. The color forest green. Is it strange I'm thankful for the color green? But it makes me happy and I think it is one of the most beautiful colors.
25. Life's challenges and the mistakes I make. I learn from my mistakes and the challenges make me who I am.
26. Laughter.
27. Books. They add wisdom to my life.
28. The earth. It is a place we come to make mistakes, learn, grow and challenge ourselves. It is filled with natural beauty and the physical environment never stops amazing us.

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