Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Runt

Yesterday I saw a post floating around Facebook about a batch of colts and fillies that needed rehoming. I am a sucker for horses - even more so for baby horses! I was of course dreaming about owning one of them... And then suddenly I did. This is all thanks to my friend Jaci; she headed up there to pick up some youngsters herself and I had her pick one up for me too!

I'm glad I was part of saving a little one from slaughter. She doesn't have a name yet so for now I am calling her Runt. She is maybe three months old? Looks like good conformation and more importantly she is such a cutie!  Runt will stay at Jaci's house until I have a chance to get to La Grande and pick her up. I'm so excited! Obviously... I love horses.

She's the little dark bay with the white bald face.

Making Friends

Getting Sorted? Wandering. Running Away. Haha

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