Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cracker Jo

Such a great photo of Cracker & I. (Yes. She's on a rock.)
Cracker Jo and I had a fun new experience the other day. We went riding with Shannon and Twiggy over by MossSprings. I headed up the mountain in the morning, but not before dropping Cracker and my trailer off at Shannon's house. Once I was done packing, we went for a fun ride! (Side note: For anyone that hasn't personally met my horse "Cracker... aka Fire Cracker" she's a little special little mare. For instance, once she flipped over backwards and cracked her head in half.)

Cracker got to experience all sorts of new things on our ride; goats, garbage cans, garage doors, asphalt, mailboxes, yellow lines, and so much more!

I'm glad that Shannon and I got to ride. It was a beautiful day too.

Twiggy and Cracker distracted by a critter in the woods.
You would never know they hated each other.

The Twigster and I

Cracker on a rock. I make her do all sorts of strange things.

Standing up while riding. 

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