Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkins and Halloween

I love Halloween. It's simple really: You get to carve pumpkins, eat sugar, dress up, watch classic movies (like my personal favorite Hocus Pocus), and get scared for fun. Awesome, right?

Carving pumpkins has always been a frightfully great experience for me, even when I'm carving all by myself. So this year I whipped up a headless horseman, complete with a moon and several bats. (Would you expect me to do something without a horse?)

I also made some great cupcakes. I think I'm allowed to say they are great because, even though the design is lacking for some of them, they taste fantastic!  Plus who doesn't want to eat a monster or eyeball?

Halloween wouldn't be complete without dressing up, so this year I decided that Quincy and I would be a scarecrow and "scare-horse." I think Quin was really confused why I was painting little patches on him but he enjoyed eating all of the raffia.

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