Sunday, September 29, 2013

Winter in September

I hate riding in the rain. It's simple really, I hate being wet unless it's in a steamy hot shower, warm springs, or hot tub.

It's been raining now for several days without a break and I got the joy of packing hunters into one of our camps this morning. We got all packed up in the pouring rain and then headed out on the trail, which would have been fine except that within a mile we hit snow. If you have never experienced soaking wet + freezing + snow you probably aren't missing out.

Within the first mile we hit snow.
After it began snowing it didn't stop. In fact, the higher up the mountain we went the more is snowed. And by golly did it ever snow! I'm guessing there was anywhere from eight to ten inches on the ground with more on the way. Quincy was not a fan of the snow and he fell over with me at one point in time. (I'm actually not sure if he fell over/tried to roll/slipped. Good thing I know how to rapidly bail off a horse.)

Quincy: "Why are we riding in the snow?"
It never got about 32 except down really low by the pack station (where it was... and still is... miserably raining). I hope that hunting season goes fast and it stops raining/snowing. Oh, but I did I mention it's still September? Yes. This is winter is September folks.

Scout heading down the trail.

Lovely snow. Much better than rain but still too cold for my liking.
Also - when did I become so horrible at writing? Perhaps it's because I can't feel my fingers and my brain is still defrosting.

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