Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winter Already?

I guess it goes without saying that when you live in the mountains (literally) you get a whole different weather system. Thus it snowed today high on the mountain (just rained in the low country). Winter is here, but hopefully for only a short time.


The horses didn't seem to mind the rain. Except Quin. He kept giving me "the look."

This is "The Look."

WindDancer and Misty under the tree.

Some of the stock eating. 

Scout found a stick. A long stick!

I seriously live in a beautiful place and I think that sometimes I forgot that fact. There are hundreds of people that would love to live in the mountains literally a stone's throw from the Eagle Cap Wilderness. And I get to ride my horses for a living. And I get to pack. And guide. I just need to remember that.

Although it's not always easy. Friends are far away. But - thank you Allison for the care package! You know my candy preferences all too well and I was really excited to find it in the mail! You are the best!

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