Friday, September 6, 2013

Misty on the Trail

It's important to me to keep riding Misty so that she continues to learn and grow. She has come such a long ways and I'm really proud of my little mare. Misty isn't totally game for heading out into the wilderness on her own yet, so the other day I convinced my mom to come on a ride with me. Misty did great leading the way even when I asked her to (literally) jump off a creek bank into the creek filled with huge round boulders! She's turning out to be a great horse!

Misty (She's short. I know.)
Misty and I
My mom riding 'her' horse.
I'm proud of how far Misty has come and how she always does what I ask of her! And thanks to my mom for going on a ride with me so Misty could have some moral support.

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