Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thunderstorm Time

Today I rode in a thunderstorm with the horse camp girls.  It didn't start as a thunderstorm - in fact it started out really nice - but it ended as a massive rainstorm complete with thunder and sheet lightening.  Quincy didn't seem to mind the rain and he was a character during lunch eating chocolate frosting and cheese crackers (and he would have eaten my hat if I let him).

Quin admiring the view.
Way up there!

After lunch, some of the horse camp girls wanted to turn back and the rest wanted to keep riding. I took the girls that wanted to keep trekking on (Robin, Olivia, Bethany, and Calli) up a "hill."  Ok... maybe it was more of a cliff/mountain than a hill.  It was beautiful at the top and I think everyone had tons of fun! I love exploring new country and seeing just how far I can go.

Scout Dog!

Cornucopia Peak
After making it to the top we noticed some ominous clouds rolling in and we began to hear far off thunder. So after a quick group photo we headed back down the mountain. (Complete with some fast paced loping and trotting.)

Group Photo! (I'm on the left in grey.)

The storm approaching... 
Even though we ended up soaking wet, it was a great ride!

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