Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attempting to "Show"

I used to go to a lot of horse shows and I managed to do very well in those shows (thanks to my old man Sir Lancelot). Lately I've been missing that show world so I decided to bribe, beg, enlist, and beg some more my two horse camp counselors to go to an open show with me at Eastern Slope Ranch outside of Baker City, Oregon.

I took WindDancer with me and while it was a good experience for him, I think the poor horse was really confused. I'm pretty sure that this was the first time he ever saw an arena - let alone everything that goes along with a horse show. He looked gorgeous and actually did surprisingly well in English!  We placed sixth in English pleasure, fourth in English equitation, third in hunter-jumper (fences under 2'6"), and third in western trail class.  I knew he would do well in the trail class... after all he is a "real life" trail horse but everything else was shocking and awesome!

Here are some photos to amuse you:

Pre-Show. I'm convinced that this doesn't look like me.

English Pleasure Class

English Pleasure Class

I love this photo. WindDancer's hair. My (strange) face...
I was cuing him. The bad posture.  All of it.

Post-English Pleasure

Western Pleasure Class

Trail Class. Awesome bridge obstacle.

And this... WindDancer's face is priceless.
I think he was done for the day.

Alina has more photos of everyone, but I'll have to wait for her to download them from her camera. I think overall it was a really awesome day and I'm glad that I had a chance to go! I'm also glad that Allison and Alina decided to tag along and come with me!

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