Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attempting to "Show"

I used to go to a lot of horse shows and I managed to do very well in those shows (thanks to my old man Sir Lancelot). Lately I've been missing that show world so I decided to bribe, beg, enlist, and beg some more my two horse camp counselors to go to an open show with me at Eastern Slope Ranch outside of Baker City, Oregon.

I took WindDancer with me and while it was a good experience for him, I think the poor horse was really confused. I'm pretty sure that this was the first time he ever saw an arena - let alone everything that goes along with a horse show. He looked gorgeous and actually did surprisingly well in English!  We placed sixth in English pleasure, fourth in English equitation, third in hunter-jumper (fences under 2'6"), and third in western trail class.  I knew he would do well in the trail class... after all he is a "real life" trail horse but everything else was shocking and awesome!

Here are some photos to amuse you:

Pre-Show. I'm convinced that this doesn't look like me.

English Pleasure Class

English Pleasure Class

I love this photo. WindDancer's hair. My (strange) face...
I was cuing him. The bad posture.  All of it.

Post-English Pleasure

Western Pleasure Class

Trail Class. Awesome bridge obstacle.

And this... WindDancer's face is priceless.
I think he was done for the day.

Alina has more photos of everyone, but I'll have to wait for her to download them from her camera. I think overall it was a really awesome day and I'm glad that I had a chance to go! I'm also glad that Allison and Alina decided to tag along and come with me!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After the 4th...

I haven't blogged since the 4th of July? Oh my goodness... time has really gotten away from me. So here's a quick catch-up of things you missed:

My sister Lisa came to visit, I learned to carve stamps, learned about "letter boxing" (google it), and took a trip to the Hells Canyon Overlook.

My stamp!

Hells Canyon Overlook

Horse camp has been going well, this week is Saddle Club (for beginner/younger riders), and I've gotten some great photos of Scout.

I tried to make it to the top of Cornucopia Peak. I got close, but didn't actually manage to get a horse to the top. Next time maybe. Still beautiful though!

Cracker heading up the Jim Fiske Trail.

FireCracker below Cornucopia Peak.
Let's see... what else have I missed? We have had a lot of people at the lodge lately so it has been really busy! I'm pretty tired, but thankful my dad hired two young girls from Halfway to come do dishes when we are really busy.  I've taken out a bunch of 2 1/2 rides up Pine Creek. It's been exceedingly hot outside. WindDancer still has an abscess on his foot (but hopefully we can put plastic/fiberglass pads on him so I can start riding again) and Quincy has a gnarly puncture wound on the back of his hoof so long story short is that I've been riding Cracker a lot.  

Other than getting hay and doing the basics around here I think that's all missed blogging about. Today I've got an 8 hour ride scheduled, however I'm hoping we can cut it short because it is supposed to be rather hot again. 

Hopefully I'll remember to blog more often - it's just so hard when I get busy and tired!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Start of Horse Camp and the 4th of July

This post is basically to share some photos of horse camp that I took over the last several weeks and to share some photos of fireworks.

Dunking my Long Hair in the Creek

Cracker and I went exploring and ended up here...

Katlin & Cracker

Allison (my horse camp counselor) and Payton swimming.

Horse camp has been going really great and all of the girls are having lots of fun! On the 4th of July we took the girls over to the Haines Rodeo and watched the events. I love bronc riding, wild cowhide races, and especially the wild cow race! We then watched fireworks at the Halfway fairgrounds and enjoyed some good food
Haines 4th of July Rodeo Action (Buckin' Bronc)

Baker Youth Posse Ride

Each year the Baker County Mounted Posse puts on an annual youth trail ride in the mountains.  (There can be as many as 50 youth involved, boys and girls ranging in age from 12 to 15.) Each year we rent our horses to the Posse... it usually turns into a lot of work but it's nice that the kids get to go camping and ride horses in the mountains.

This year we rode out on ODFW property just outside of North Powder towards Anthony Lakes. It was really hot and humid, then we had a massive thunderstorm the first night. Scout got so scared he jumped into the gooseneck with me and we head-butted. (I have a lovely cut on the inside of my lip to prove it.) Our horses did good for the Posse Ride and I think everyone had a good time. Mark and I were certainly tired after saddling/feeding/watering/unsaddling that many horses each day!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Baker Heritage Museum

I haven't blogged in a while so I am playing catch-up now.  A week or two ago I went to the Baker Heritage Museum with Kay Marie.

The museum was really neat and I loved walking around it!  I'm glad I got an afternoon off to go and walk around the museum and see the impressive rock collection and stage coaches!

The Stage Coach that ran from Cornucopia to Baker City. (It took four days!)

"Glow in the dark" rocks.

The most awesome rock!

A seriously impressive rock collection.

"Free Gold" and Telluride found at the Union Companion Mine.