Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Heidi and Gang

My sister Heidi and her family (husband David, son Daniel, and daughter Erin) drove out from Alabama and arrived in Oregon at the lodge yesterday. I am always super excited to see family! Because my parents are planning to live at the lodge full time and sell our house, much to my dislike, Heidi has driven out to take some furniture and assorted stuff back to Alabama. They aren't here for a long time, but I'm excited I get to see them - even if its just for a few days.

Yesterday Kay (who is working this summer as our resident farrier and hired help) and I went to take some trash and barbed wire to the dump. Note to all: Never EVER go to the dump when it's windy, and if you do, you'll find out why you shouldn't go on a windy day.

After the dump I went through Haines to Union and brought Cracker and Quincy up to the lodge. That means I currently have three paint horses up here to ride! 

When we got back to the lodge Heidi and her family has arrived, so it was time to eat dinner. We then had dessert (strawberry angle food cake) and celebrated Erin's birthday. I got her a neat little dream catcher which I am envious of... We finished off the night by playing a board/strategy game and drinking hot chocolate.

This morning CB (Conley) showed up to catch ski/yurt stuff and everyone got a hearty breakfast if biscuits an gravy. Right now I would assume my mother is entertaining Heidi and everyone in the lodge. I'm out in the horse pen holding Quin while Kay puts shoes on him. Hopefully Cracker will get shoes tomorrow and WindDancer Wednesday or Thursday.

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