Monday, May 6, 2013


This past weekend I headed up to Washington to attend an ACTHA  (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) ride at the Horn Rapids Park just outside of Benton City. I took my horse trailer and headed up following my friend Jaci and new friend Shannon!

The ride was really fun and WindDancer did such a great job! I've never taken him to any sort of formal "equine event" because he is my trail horse, but I think he enjoyed the change of pace.

Vine Simulator Obstacle 

The first day we completed in the open division (the division with the hardest obstacles) and we won third! Yeah! I'm so proud of my horse and all that he accomplished at the ride... plus I can't believe we placed so high!  I love that as a bonus we got a beautiful hay bag - I'll certainly be using that a lot in the future!

During the awards they also had a "Coolest Dog Contest," so of course I had to enter Scout for this competition. I wasn't sure about the competition, but Scout won over the crowd we his ability to play dead and he won! Scout is loving his basket of treats and toys.

Scout at the Coolest Dog Contest

Scot enjoying his basket of goodies.
The second day was a lot harder for WindDancer and I because the obstacles were more technical, there was a lot of side passing, lead changes, haunch turns, etc. WindDancer and I are much better at bridges, campsites, animal crossings, etc. However... given the increased difficulty we still placed fourth! And I now own a great horn bag set - it'll be good for use on the trail!

It was great to spend time with Jaci and Shannon. Both are great people and I am glad that I got to spend a weekend with friends, riding someplace new, and challenging both my horse and I!

Shannon took some great photos this weekend, so I'm posting them below - enjoy! (I personally think we looked pretty awesome.)

The trio - Scout, WindDancer, and I
Playing on the horses after the ride
Everyone stands on horses in their spare time, right?

Morning Hugs with Scout

Completing an Obstable

Campsite Obstacle


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