Saturday, April 27, 2013

Grand Ronde Retirement

On Thursday my grandma invited me to come enjoy the celebrations at the Grande Ronde Retirement Residence (where she lives). The retirement residence was celebrating their 25th Anniversary, so there was lots of festivities!

First my grandma and I played some Bingo. Normally, I am not very lucky but I ended up with a winning card! As a prize, I got a wine glass engraved with the Grande Ronde Retirement Residence logo. The glass was also filled with jelly beans - so that was exciting! After playing Bingo for an hour or so, I popped over to Walmart to grab some things, then headed back to my Grandma's apartment.

We enjoyed eating some hor dourves during the social hour. Then they proceeded to bury a time capsule, cut the ribbon, and release balloons into the sky. After that I got to stay for the family barbecue and it was nice to get to meet some of Grandma's friends. We also got to eat some icecream and cake - my favorite!

I really had fun and enjoyed spending the afternoon with my grandma! It was a fun event an I'm glad I got to go!

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