Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sister's for a Night

Today Mark and I headed off from Union to Sister's on the scenic highway. I've never been over on this side of Oregon - but boy is it pretty! (Except for the rain... and wind...) We made several stops along the way and I snapped some pictures.

We first stopped at Phillips Lake in Baker County. Phillips Lake is a massive reservoirs that Baker City and the surrounding ranches draw their water from. I think Mark said it was fed by snowmelt and Power River. Fun fact I looked up on the internet:  When the lake is full it is five miles long, covers 2435 acres, and has a capacity of 90,500 acre-feet. (Wow!) The lake was named for Fred Phillips, who was a Baker resident and long-time advocate of creating the reservoir

Phillips Lake

We then stopped to overlook the John Day Valley.  It's beautiful and those mountains in the distance are the Strawberry mountains. I learned once that the John Day River is the third longest free-flowing river in the conterminous United States because the river has no dams. The river and subsequent valley was named for John Day, a member of the Astor Expedition, who wandered lost through this part of Oregon in the winter of 1811–1812.
Overlooking the John Day Valley
We also drove through part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. I think it's so pretty there!

John Day Fossil Beds
National Monument

Picture Canyon
There are also a ton of really neat rock features along the route. If I have all day I would stop and take hundreds of photos!

Neat Rock Feature

Plus one day I want to see the Painted Hills... I guess I "kind of" saw them far off in the distance.

Painted Hills

Oh... and I saw a "shoe-tree" just outside of Mitchell Oregon! It was pouring rain though so I couldn't grab a photo!  But here is a picture I found on Google of the tree we passed:


Oh yes. Why are we in Sisters, Oregon? Well this is where Mark (who works for us) actually lives when he's not living in our house. We are staying here overnight before heading to Albany to attend the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo to represent Cornucopia Lodge. Once in Albany I'll stay overnight with Bobbi who is a good friend of the family.

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