Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reading Forbes

First off... Happy Easter to everyone!  Tonight, as is tradition, we are eating a fantastic cut of prime rib. I'm super excited for it to finish cooking so I can dig in! I also got to see Heidi and her family via Facetime so that was really neat. Technology is fantastic in the sense that I was able to listen to their choir sing and hear the hand bell choirs.

When I get a chance I like to read Forbes, the American business magazine. Sometimes I find really great articles like this one: 'Don't Go To Law School,' 'Move to Asia,' And 28 Other Pearls of Wisdom for 2012 Grads by Kashmir Hill.  I've taken the liberty to list some of my favorites below, but be sure to read the article, especially if you are a recent grad.
"Schedule at least one get-together a year with your best college buddies."
"Pick where you want to work and take any job you will get there. Smart people will rise in any organization."
"Never, ever burn bridges."
"Don't worry about not knowing what you want to do. This is very normal and means you are human."
"Go out for drinks with friends, even when you don't want  to. Your dream job isn't going to fly through your bedroom window. Chances are it's coming from one of your friends."
"...start saving for retirement..."
"Do take control of your digital footprint. Blog."
"Read. Read as much as you can. It will make you a better writer, a better speaker, and more interesting."
"Don't settle."
"Get business cards printed for yourself."
"Always live below your means. Start saving for emergencies and retirement now."
"Don't let the 'real world' shock you, be humble and persistent. You may not start by doing what you love, but you'll get there."

Another great articles I found on Forbes is titled 14 Things Successful People Do on Weekends. I grabbed a few of my favorites and listed them below, because I think everyone needs to have great weekends.  I like that the article hit on making time for family and friends, exercising, pursuing a passion, and volunteering. Check out the full article for more great things successful people do on the weekends, like this one, "Recharge. We live in a competitive world, Vanderkam says. “Peak performance requires managing downtime, too–with the goal of really recharging your batteries.” That’s how the most successful people get so much done."

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