Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paint My Wagon... Red

I have determined that the brown wagon was looking a little sad and it was time for a new paint job. So what color did I chose? Red of course! I think a red wagon pulled by either a team of draft horses or mules would look really awesome.

Here are some photos of the project thus far. I should finish it by tomorrow; but until then you can see what I have done. (The blue in the photos is just painters tape to make sure I don't paint the black metal.)

Bare brown wagon! (Pre-sanding)
Sanded and First Coat of Red

Taped off and Painting Red
Front of the Wagon
The Back

My Helper!
Small Eagle Detail

ALMOST done!
UPDATE: 3/13/13... I am so close to finishing the wagon. Today I did some touch up painting and removed all of the tape. I applied new door latches under the driver seat and I then put in some carpet. All that's left it getting the name "Cornucopia Lodge" on the side and building some seat cushions. (The seat cushions that were previously in the wagon got teared apart by the elements and mice.) 

View of the Carpet

Doesn't it look great?!

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