Monday, March 25, 2013

Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2013

Whew! It's been a crazy weekend and I really haven't had a chance to blog because I've been tired, but here's a recap of what has been happening:

Last Thursday, Mark and I drove from Sisters to Albany to set up our booth for the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo. We had to chain up heading up Santiam Pass out of Sisters, but honestly the weather wasn't too bad. (Mark and I have driven in far worse weather during hunting season.) We arrived in Albany in the afternoon and set up our booth.

Once we finished setting up the booth we headed over to Bobbi's house - a long time friend of my mom and dad's. Mark rented a room at a (shady) hotel for himself and I stayed in Bobbi's guest room.

The Cornucopia Lodge booth

On Friday I got to enjoy a delicious waffle breakfast before heading off to the horse expo. There were a fair amount of people on Friday and I think we managed to market Cornucopia Lodge, Wilderness Horse Camp, and Catch a Falling Star really well. I got a break and caught clinician Mark Bolender working with some people over trail obstacles. It was interesting to watch and I think you can always learn something at horse-related clinics. I also managed to look at horse trailers that I would never be able to afford!

This is the inside of a bumper pull LQ horse trailer!
Saturday was our busiest day but I still managed to seek away to watch Chris Cox. I really like his horse, and people, methods. Plus I think he has an amazing colt starting talent!  I also got to watch his afternoon clinic which was focused on building rider confidence.

Christ Cox riding the newly-started colt. (I'm circled in red)
There wasn't an abundant amount of people on Sunday, but we figured it would be relatively slow given that on a sunny day most people would spend the weekend riding. I did however purchase a brand new pair of well made saddle bags from Buckaroo Leather Products. Great guy who makes the products and I think they will be exactly what I need this summer!

During this trip, Bobbi has been such a great hostess! She fixed me some dinner when I didn't get to grab any at the show, has fed my dessert every night, and has been really fantastic!

Now it's Monday and Mark and I are headed back to Sisters, which is where I left my pickup truck. Then I'll either drive home tonight or tomorrow depending upon when we get to Sisters.

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