Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Beach and the Rain

Every day we have been here in Singapore it has rained. Not just a little rain either... A lot of rain! Aside from the rain, Alexis and I spent nearly two hours in a taxi cue. On top of that our flight for Hong Kong leaves at 6:30 in the morning, so we must be awake at 4 am or so. Aren't you jealous?

Aside from those facts, Alexis and I made our way to Sentosa Island in Singapore today. The beach was gorgeous, but we only got to enjoy it for a short time. We both wanted to go swimming but a storm was coming so the life guards said no one was allowed to swim and everyone had to seek shelter. What the heck Singapore? I traveled all the way from the US and couldn't go swimming in the ocean.

One highlight of the day was ziplining at Sisolo beach! I didn't want to go by myself and Alexis didn't want to pay - so I decided I had enough money to pay for both of us. It was really worth it in my opinion! You zip line down a mountain covered in tropical plants then across the beach before landing on a connecting island. I just love ziplining so much! I used my GoPro and got a video, but you'll have to wait a while to see it. (I need the software on my computer that I left in Oregon.)

The storm was pretty bad, but Alexis and I found shelter in the Chili's restaurant at Resort World Singapore. There was a huge line, but we managed to jump the queue because we were willing to eat at the bar. After devouring a delicious quesadilla Alexis and I explored the resort. We found a crazy candy store... If everything wasn't super expensive then I would have bought some candy! We then went through a couple more shops before determining that the rain had subsided enough for us to go back outside.

We ultimately ended up going through the Panwala beach flower festival. I can now say I've stood on Asia's most southern point! The flowers were beautiful and I loved that we were able to get some great photos! There were helpful festival workers everywhere that took our photos. Otherwise we would have had some photos with me and some with just Alexis. Luckily now we have photos of the two of us!

I'm super tired right now because we stayed up late at the night safari and I know I'll be tired tomorrow when we have to get up really early!

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