Friday, February 8, 2013

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Indian Mosque
Yesterday Alexis and I trekked around part of Singapore. We first found our way to 'Little India,' an ethic neighborhood in Singapore. It was really neat to see all the shops, gorgeous fabric, and mosques that Little India has to offer here in Singapore. Side note, the buildings in Little India are really bright colored and fun looking! After looking around we started to work our ways towards Arab Street.

Bright Colored Buildings in Little India
Arab Street is similar to Little India, but comprised of an entirely different ethic group. My favorite part of Arab Street was the 'Sultan's Palace.' It felt like we had just stepped into a scene from the Disney movie Aladdin - there was even a street named Aladdin!

After walking many miles (literally) we got a taxi to the Singapore Zoo, the world's best rain forest zoo! The Singapore Zoo is really neat in the fact that it attempts to display animals in an open and natural environment. One of the highlights for me was watching the White Tigers get fed. They can jump extremely high and they are so powerful!

We saw so many animals at the zoo and I wish that I could blog about them! There was just about every kind of animal there that would be imaginable! Yes - there were even horses there! (Of course I got photos of them... who would I be if I didn't find a horse in every country?!)

There was one exhibit which allowed you to walk inside a cage filled with bats, lemurs, and different exotic birds! It was really neat to be able to walk into the exhibit and see the animals up close and personal!

Around 2:30 in the afternoon Singapore decided that we needed a little rain. Although it wasn't a little rain. It down poured on us! The weather was so crazy and I thought that we might miss out on seeing the rest of the zoo, but Alexis bought an umbrella and off we went! Since almost everyone was seeking shelter it felt like we had the zoo to ourselves! Good thing most animals don't mind a little rain!

Once it was time for the Singapore Zoo to close we exited and headed to the Night Safari. I didn't really have a clue what this adventure would entail, but it turned out to be a really awesome experience! First we caught dinner and a fire-dancer show at the Night Safari entrance. (I also got my picture taken with an owl!)

Then once the night safari opened we headed to the 'Creatures of the Night' show. Somehow Alexis and I managed to get front row seats! It was a really funny show and I loved when they grabbed random people from the audience to come up on stage. There were even cute otters which taught us how to recycle by throwing trash away in the appropriate bins. Oh Singapore... you're great!

The night safari was such a unique experience! Alexis and I got to wander around and look at all the nocturnal animals that normally you don't get to see awake at a normal zoo. It was super awesome! We got to go in the cage with the bats and it was really awesome! Although on the way out I managed to catch my toe and cut it. So sad! But that's ok... it was worth it to see the bats!

After we wandered around we hopped on the night safari tram. The tram took us around the night safari and we got to see some really unique animals! The tram was fun because it takes you through different free-roaming habitats, so that animals are caged up. In other words - it's like a real night safari!  I think maybe this was my favorite thing in Singapore so far!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the Sultan's Palace - Aladdin is my favourite Disney film and it absolutely made my day to see it. I'm going back to my parents' apartment in Singapore in a couple of months and I definitely want to visit there again. I came across your blog because I was looking up the Night Safari...I'm glad you enjoyed it but wish you had written a little more so I can decide whether to see it :) Great blog post though otherwise, thanks.

  2. See it! Seriously, the night safari is a must-do in Singapore! It was really a fun experience and we probably spent the majority of the night there. They've got some great restaurants out front (before you enter the Night Safari) and I recommend grabbing dinner around 6:30 then catching the fire performance (aka Thumbuakar Performance). Be sure to take the tram at the night safari - they've got a neat little tour of the animals set up. Be sure all spend time walking around the night safari on the trails... my favorite spot was the suspension bridge in the middle of the place.