Friday, February 1, 2013

Reflections of Thailand

As Alexis and I wait to depart for Siem Reap, Cambodia, I am remembering some things I wanted to blog but forgot to. Like the fact that Chiangmai is surrounded by a mote that reaches (in some places) up to 10 meters deep! And you can still see parts of the 700 year old wall that enclosed the old city within the mote.

I also forgot to mention that our hotel gave us drink vouchers that allowed us to purchase Milo - my favorite Australian drink (like chocolate milk only better). Alexis and I looked forward to each night when we could get them then we would quickly drink them down.

I've also been snapping up souvenirs, but the exchange rate is so fantastic that I haven't even spent $100 on my purchases from Thailand!

I've also been cold a couple times in Chiangmai, once again proving the point that I could live somewhere humid and hot.

The drivers are crazy - yet talented and probably more skilled than American drivers.

Thai food is amazing, but on our last night Alexis and I ate at a great Indian restaurant. Like the Tandoori Oven of Logan, Utah but in Chaingmai, Thailand.

And... I'm so excited to see what Cambodia has to offer!

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