Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oregon o' Oregon

Leaving Hong Kong was a sad day because I truly love traveling! In the morning I headed back to the airport and Alexis met up with her China group. She will now spend five months teaching English in China - how awesome for her!

My flight from Hong Kong made a stop in Seoul, South Korea, where I had the chance to do a craft. The airport has several different "cultural stations," where international tourists can participate in local traditions. I spent an hour doing a hanji craft where I used mulberry paper (dyed green) to make a paper bowl. It was a super fun way to kill time in the airport and I'm really glad I got to do craft! I just wish more airports where like the one in Seoul, it would make traveling so much more fun.

The flight back to the USA wasn't terribly long, although I sat between a group of loud people and crying children. (And a man who smelled/acted terribly...)

I was happy to arrive in Portland, although I found it funny that I left February 15th and arrived February 15th. Got to love that international date line! So I've now lost my birthday over the IDL and repeated February 15th; funny how the world works.

At the Portland airport I grabbed a Jamba Juice while I waited for Lisa and Craig to come pick me up. Once at their house I was glad to grab a shower and happy to to climb into a bed and get some real sleep.

I slept till almost 11:00am this morning and it felt super great! Because I got up so late, I decided to just spend a day at Lisa's house, so I guess I'm technically still traveling. Tomorrow I'll drive home to Union then head up to the lodge Tuesday. I am so excited see my family and especially my dog! Once I'm home I'll upload some more photos to my blog, so be on the lookout for new pictures! (Especially photos from Thailand and my elephant ride.)

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