Friday, February 1, 2013

King of Cambodia

Flying in Asia is so much more pleasurable than flying in the US. First off, every airline feeds you a meal, no matter what time of the day it is. Our flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap (Cambodia) was delayed... Which meant sitting in the airport for an extra 40 minutes. Finally we boarded the plane and before you knew it we landed in Cambodia, but not before they fed us an on board meal.

P.S. I love real airports like the Siem Reap airport. Airports that are small. Airports where you exit the plane on to the tarmac. Airports where everyone is friendly and helpful. Airports where you can feel the warm breeze flow throw the building.

My first impressions of Cambodia are great. It's warm (ok - hot) and everything is green and beautiful. The streets are filled with tuk-tuks and motorbikes, but not so crowded its unbearable. Our hotel is absolutely beautiful! We are staying at the Siem Reap Evergreen Hotel. It's surround by tropical plants and water and, as the name suggests, very green. A color I truly love! The beds were covered in native flowers and the towels folded into flower shapes. After a long time in the airport at Bangkok this was a wonderful site to see!

I think my favorite thing so far in Cambodia was our hotel pickup. I think we expected a van or car but we got a tuk-tuk driver. So with suitcases barely hanging on and hair whipping in the wind we headed down the road towards our hotel. Only once (maybe twice) did I truly fear that my suitcase would end out all over the road. It was great and really funny!

Alexis and I have yet to figure out where to eat dinner. We think the hotel maybe has a restaurant but we aren't sure. And we are about a 10 min tuk-tuk ride away from the main street of town... S hopefully we find something close because I am tired!

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