Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hong Kong Cup and Bruised Feet

Today Alexis and I went to the Sha Tin Recourse to catch the races and watch the Hong Kong Cup. I, of course, love anything to do with horses so I loved it! Due to the New Year celebrations the track was super crowded, but Alexis and I got in for free because we were international tourists! We also got a horse pin and had fun looking at all the race displays.

They had a lot of fun horse statue!
Somehow we managed to grab really great seats in the third row on the bottom section. I love to watch races and it was fun to explain horse racing to Alexis. (Hopefully she understood...) We also got stand against the rail and watch; something I think never really happens in the US! It was a really great experience!

The one downside was the super crowed MTR train and cray lines. I already managed to hurt my toe in Singapore and having it stepped on a lot didn't help. I think I've got some new bruises thanks to crazy Hong Kongians. (I know that 'Hong Kongians' isn't a real word... But what exactly do you call people who live in Hong Kong?!)

Before leaving the races Alexis and I got ice cream. It was delicious! I had two scoops, one was swiss chocolate and the other was creme bruele, they were amazing flavors - especially the creme bruele!

We walked around forever trying to figure out how to get a ticket for the MTR. Once we managed to find a ticket agent, which was harder than it should have been, we headed to the station and got packed into a train car like sardines. Thankfully people slowly got off at different stops and it wasn't so crowded by the time we reached our stop.

We finished out the day by walking around the Avenue of Stars. I managed to take some beautiful photos of the harbor and we saw a neat Chinese junk boat sail into the harbor!

 Alexis and I found it funny that we didn't know any people on the Avenue of Stars except for Jackie Chan. At least we recognized one person!

We finished the night by eating at an Indian restaurant. Yes , we really do love Indian food and have eaten it in every country!

However this country is turning out to be really expensive. More so than Singapore or anywhere else we had gone...

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