Monday, February 4, 2013

Ho Chi Minh City Sites

Today Alexis and I set out by foot to explore Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Or is it Vietnam? I've seen it spelled both ways...

We started out by enjoying a complimentary breakfast at our hotel. I got "chocolate pancakes" which are basically crepes covered in chocolate syrup... awesome! I also got to enjoy bananas, orange juice, and some bread.

The first thing we went to see in ho Chi Minh City was the War Remnants Museum. The museum was opened in 1975 and shows a very one-sided view of the Vietnam War. I thought it was really interesting museum and I would recommend for anyone to go see it. There are also some US helicopters, planes, and tanks surrounding the outside of the museum.

After wandering around the museum we headed to the Reunification Palace. The palace was home and workplace for the South Vietnamese president during the Vietnam War. This was the site of the "end" of the Vietnam war when a north Vietnamese army tank crashed through the gates of the palace in 1975. The Reunification Palace is really neat to see and it's much bigger than I had thought. The grounds around the palace are beautiful! Alexis and I also got to walk in the basement... I'm pretty sure that thing could survive a nuclear attack.

After the palace we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral  We didn't go inside (it was closed) but we took photos of the outside then went to the Central Post Office. The post office was really neat to see and it definitely worth the visit!

We then headed down Nguyen Hue Street, the Ho Chi Minh City equivalent of Fifth Avenue. It was fun to see shops like Lous Vuitton and other (overly) expensive stores. When we saw the City Opera House it was all the sudden like we walked into Europe. It was a strange experience. Haha. I guess you could say it was the Europe of Vietnam.  We tried to walk through the Ben Thanh Market - although it wasn't really worth the visit. Too crowded and too expensive. I think I'll buy some souvenirs near our hotel in the backpacker district.

Right now Alexis and I are just waiting out the heat of the day in our hotel. We've spend six hours wandering the city and it is hot here! I'm getting a tan, so that is really exciting! If anything exciting happens later tonight I'll be sure to blog about it!


  1. I wish I was there with you. Thank you for keeping this account. I miss you guys.

  2. Miss you too! Alexis and I bought a present for you! It might be a while before I get it sent off to you though since I'm up in the mountains, living in the snow, right now!