Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cu Chi Tunnels and a Bruise

I knew when we came to Vietnam I really wanted to travel to the Cu Chi Tunnels outside of Saigon. Theses tunnels played a critical role in the Vietnam War and are a part of history; they were the the base for the North Vietnam and Vietcong Gorilla fighters and the main area of the Anti-American resistance.

Alexis and I decided that since the tunnels are located out of the city we should book with a tour group. The company picks us (and a whole bus full of people) up at 8 then we drive out of the city for about an hour and forty-five minutes. The guide gave us some neat information about Ho Chi Minh City and Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Here, in Vietnam, they take 10 days off and the whole city essentially shuts down. (Good thing we are leaving for Singapore!)

The tour at Cu Chi started off with a documentary made in the 1960s. Yes. It was filled with anti-American propaganda and 'the evil' Americans, but it was insightful as to what they whitewashed and went through as a people. We then stopped and learned about different 'American GI catching' traps and how the entrances to the tunnels were concealed. The entrances to the tunnels are so tiny and easy to miss!

We got to go through a section of the tunnels and it was neat to see how they were built. I can't image any human living in them, let alone fighting in them. At one point in time Alexis and I lost our guide (there are many exits) and we were alone. The tunnels get cray small in places and I'm super glad I'm small. You have to jump up and down to get to different levels and its a serious workout. Especially given the heat! At one point in time I jumped up and missed. My knee took a beating with that one. Now I have a lovely bruise and scrap.
Sweaty while crawling in the CuChi Tunnels.
(This photo was taken before the tunnels got really small!)
After the tour concluded, and everyone was drenched in sweat, we headed back to our hotel. The countryside of Vietnam is gorgeous and it's so green! Much prettier than Cambodia in my opinion!

Alexis and I finished the day with some shopping and American food. Folks, Pizza Hut is just as good here as it is in America. But they serve fancy fun drinks everywhere here, even Pizza Hut!

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