Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Symphony of Lights and a Last Day

Today was my last full day of traveling with Alexis ... so sad! Tomorrow I'll head off the airport and she will meet up with her group to go teach English in China for 5 months.  I'm not excited for tomorrow; first I'll fly from Hong Kong to Seoul, then from Seoul to LA, and finally LA to Portland, Oregon. That's a lot of flying alone and a lot of time spent in airports. Plus, thanks to the International Date Line, I'll repeat February 15th. Doesn't it sound like fun?

Today Alexis and I had come up with a plan, but in all reality it didn't work. We first caught the iconic Star Ferry across the harbor to the main Hong Kong island. We wanted to see the famous Victoria Peak and catch a view of the Hong Kong skyline, but the queue was over an hour long for tickets alone! After standing in line for (almost) all of yesterday we opted to not go up to Victoria Peak on the tram. We instead headed off of Hong Kong Island and over to Kowloon Tong.

Star Ferry
We stopped first to the LDS temple. It is rather square compared to most temples in Utah! After viewing the temple we headed to the famous 'Ladies Market.' I saw lots of really neat things I was tempted to buy some things, but the market was crowded and a little crazy. Once we wandered through the market it was time to go back to the hotel room and rest a little.

Such Fun Flowers!

After a lot of thinking, Alexis and I decided that going to Pizza Hut sounded like the best option for dinner. Little did we know that Pizza Huts are fancy here in Hong Kong. Not necessarily expensive, just very Italian and classy looking. It was fun to see a glammed-up Pizza Hut and I found it especially great that they were playing Italian opera music in the background!

One observation is that American's eat fast! The culture here seems to show that you take your time eating and enjoy the meal while relaxing. It's not usual for a meal to take over an hour and a half! However, I like to eat my food when it is hot, especially pizza! So, Alexis and I literally finished our meal before everyone around us who had arrived long before we did.

Once we devoured our pizza we went on the found for dessert. Alexis found a slice of strawberry and mango cake while I went for the rich chocolate mousse cake. We ate on the harbor and grabbed some front row seats for the Symphony of Lights show. The show is a synchronized light show set on buildings across the harbor with accompanying music. It was really neat to see and the buildings all had extra lights because of the Chinese New Year!

Now it's time for me to pack for my flight tomorrow. It's going to be long, but I hope everything goes smoothly and I make it back into the US without any problems. If I find wifi along the way I'll be sure to blog about my long journey back to the states.

I'm sad to be leaving Alexis, but I know she will have an amazing time in China and go on even greater adventures. I'm also jealous that she gets to see the Great Wall of China. Super jealous that I can't go see that! I'm sad to leave, but I'm really excited to see my family, my horses, and especially my dog Scout!

Before I forget, Happy Valentine's Day from Hong Kong!

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