Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lots of Snowmobilers and Snow

This weekend has been really busy up at the lodge. We were booked full with members from the Cascade Snow Drifters snowmobile club up in Washington - an awesome group of people! However, I did a lot of dishes and I think my fingers are still pruned!

In-between all the dishes and cabin cleaning, I got to go skiing three times this week thanks to Mark! He took me up on the snowmobile, then I would ski down and he would meet me at the bottom, then he would take me up again. It wasn't the prettiest skiing (heavy powder, narrow paths, and grooved snowmobile tracks) - but I am so glad I got to go.

I took my GoPro up with me, so if I get a chance I'll make a short little video and post it on here.

It is gorgeous up here today... blue skies, a few clouds, and perfect snow outside. Here are some photos I took this morning when I turned off the generator. Oh. And our 4x4 Ranger broke so we are just using the snowmobile. Should be fun.

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